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Robert Ullman

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  1. This is the best case I’ve “read” for a new park, although it’s still not enough to convince me they should tear down historic parts of town to build it. There’s plenty of space (including the lot the Diamond is on) to build a new park if need be.

  2. This is first-rate work. Thanks for drawing this.

  3. With the new movie theatre coming into that area I don’t see why we can’t just demo the Diamond and build something nicer. It’s not like they’ll be playing baseball there anytime soon.

  4. Robert: I’m not so sure it would be that easy to get a team at the AAA level, and I think a good bit of the draw for people was seeing players who were either down from the Braves or on their way up. But it would be nice to have a local identity to the team.

    SPR: Yeah, that plan to put the ballpark in the bottom would have torn up some historic cracked parking lots and a classic example of mid-80’s “gas station” architecture. It’s a good thing we nixed that plan.

    Ross: I just hope it doesn’t fall into disrepair. Let’s get SOMETHING done with it.

  5. Justin: I’ve considered that, but I really don’t think there’s much of a difference between a single-A team and a AAA team, at least to the average fan. People go for the experience as much as the play on the field.

  6. Haystacks on said:

    One quibble with the comic: for all its many flaws, the Diamond
    does offer superior sight lines to many newer parks. “The seats shoot straight up”? I prefer that design to the swank Harbor Park, where you get a great view of the person in front of you.(Not to compare the two parks in any other way.) And, yes, good thing we didn’t build on that abandoned parking lot and cram it downtown like those Fenway and Wrigley and Memphis follies. Bring back the Vees.

  7. It’s true: everyone hates Fenway and Wrigley.

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