ACC & CAA preview, week seven

Here’s your look around the Commonwealth’s football programs for this week. Can you believe it is already week seven? Before you know it we’ll be stuck back in the summer deadzone!


I went 3-2 on the week (23-7 on the season), and really, I was this close to going 5-0. There’s no reason that Virginia Tech’s offense should have been able to score 38 points. Did they watch the Clemson game? Where do they get off being efficient and awesome at times? And seriously, with the game on the line against JMU, in overtime, Maine goes for two, FOR THE WIN?! Intense!

So, all considered, I think my mistakes can be forgiven.

Hokies vs. Wake Forest

Like I said above, I am totally confused by this team. Eking out three points against Clemson and then scoring, when it mattered, against Miami–both teams have middling defenses by the way–is confounding. My best guess is that much of the offense was predicated on Logan Thomas running the option. Well dude injured his shoulder in the Marshall game after knocking the tuna salad out of a guy on his way into the end zone. Great highlight, but it eliminated a cornerstone of our offense against Clemson.

On the defensive side of the ball, our defensive line is injured and young, and you can’t blame them for getting tired in the second half of the game. I’m actually pretty proud of those guys. It’s going to be interesting playing Georgia “run the ball for a trillion yards” Tech later in the season.

And one special teams note: we’ve got a new punter! OMG HOORAY. Gone, theoretically, are the days of 12 yard punts! Sure the new guy is a true freshman, and we burned his redshirt. But, hey, worth it!

So. Who to pick in this week’s game against Wake Forest? Augh. I have no idea. Wake looked tight against FSU last week–I was super impressed. On the other hand, the Hokies are simultaneously the best and worst team on offense I have ever seen. I guess, I’ll go with the Hokies?

Virginia vs. Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech brings their smoking hot (fourth best in the nation) triple option offense to Charlottesville where they will most likely crush the Wahoos into little itty-bitty pieces. Even though UVA looked pretty solid against their bye week last Saturday, I don’t think they have what it takes to stop Georgia Tech.

JMU vs. Villanova

Dang, what a thrilling shocker last week! I don’t care who you are, but going for two to win it in overtime is awesome (unless you are a JMU fan). Lucky for the Dukes they get to take out their frustrations on 1-5 Villanova. Time to right the ship!

William & Mary vs. New Hampshire

If William & Mary wins this game I will eat my tricorn.

ODU vs. Towson

ODU is 5-1 and has been mentioned as a possible target for Big East expansion. Towson just upset Richmond (if you can call it an upset) on Saturday. WHOSE CUISINE WILL REIGN SUPREME. You know, I’m not really sure, but I think Towson will win this one.

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