2011 Richmond Marathon road closures

The Richmond Marathon takes place this weekend and with it comes, oh about a trillion road closings. If, like me, you’re a morning person, be prepared for delays, detours, and frustrations. But fear not, everything should be just about back to normal by noon. Here’s a map of every road that will be closed throughout the day.

But, you say, which roads are closed when? Well, rather than have you parse a big giant text list of times and places, here is a handy chart to help you plan your day!

2011 Richmond Marathon road closures

Safe travels!

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  1. Yesterday I was reading the long list of closures and saying to myself “I can’t make heads or tails out of this shit.”

    Then I come here and it takes me about 10 seconds to understand the entirety of the day’s closures.

    If I could give out high-five awards today, this would be first place.

  2. Love the chart for visualizing the road closures. That’s the best presentation I’ve ever seen.

    Suggestion: Annotate the line features on your map with time info, so someone can click on a road and find out the times it will be closed as well.

  3. Genius. Absolute genius. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this so easy to understand! :)

  4. Guys, this is awesome. Thanks. I’m going to re-post on the WordCamp Richmond page to help people get to the event.

  5. Mary Catherine on said:

    I was so hoping someone would do this – so thanks!
    Only question – Isn’t Broad blocked all the way down to boulevard? (Broad, 5th – Boulevard)? Am i misreading the chart and/or map?

  6. This is great and we thank you guys so much! We’ll be traveling from NYC this weekend for WordCamp Richmond and this is going to help a ton.

  7. Hoorah for visual representation of data!

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