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PHOTOS: It’s Christmastime in the city…

Back in 2010, we published this collection of vintage Richmond holiday photos, courtesy of the Valentine. They’re even more vintage five years later. It’s a Christmas miracle!

Richmond the Beautiful

In planning this Fourth of July guide for you lovely readers, we started thinking about what this American holiday really looks like in our city: what are the very “Richmond” ways to celebrate Independence Day? So we thought it’d be fun to take a look back at Richmond’s Independence Day celebrations over there years.

Best sledding in RVA

SNOW SNOW SNOW SNOW!!!! Check out our picks for the best sledding spots all over the good old RVA. Have fun (and be sure to wear your mittens)!

Cab and car services

We’re realistic over here at the RVANews offices and know that New Year’s Eve typically involves some imbibing. Hopefully you’ll all remember to pick a DD before heading out, but if not, here’s a list of just some of the cab and car services in our area should you need them.

Things to do (holiday edition)

Whether you are young or old, the holiday season seems to fill us up with hope and gratitude. To make the holiday spirit just a little bit stronger, we’ve put together a list of several things that we think might make the holidays that much more memorable this year.

Christmas trees!

It’s time to start thinking about getting a Christmas tree, people! Before you dust off that old artificial monstrosity you have in the basement, think about supporting one of the area’s local farms and lots. We’ve put together a list to help you find the perfect tree for the holidays.

Where to watch fireworks

Remember on the Simpsons when a very Apu-like store owner in another town says to homer “Celebrate the independence of your nation by blowing up a small part of it!” Here are the best locations, fellow Americans, to make *wipes away tear* that happen.

Summer fashion to beat the heat

Ladies and penguins, it’s officially summer in Virginia which means the heat wave has come to town and smacked us in the face. I know, all you want to do is drink limeades on the deck at Phil’s one last time before it closes, but you are afraid of melting outside. This is by no means an excuse to let yourself go this summer.

Size matters: Grucci fireworks are going to be BIG

Two of Richmond’s most lucrative companies are going to supplement this year’s usual Independence Day festivities by staging a fireworks program and festivities in heart of downtown. Why will this event be so different from the others? Two words: size matters.

Fourth of July events

I mean, you could just stay in and binge on potato chips and baseball (not a bad idea, come to think of it…), but wouldn’t you rather get out and DO something to celebrate our nation’s birthday? We turn 235 years old, and there are plenty of ways to paint Richmond red, white, and blue.