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821: Almost perfect

The skinny: A single, unisex bathroom at the back of the restaurant. Pros: The folks at 821 have taken the graffiti conundrum and made it fun, providing chalkboard walls and chalk so that bathroom defacers can have their (very non-permanent) excitement.  This usually makes for entertaining slogans and retorts for the rest of us to […]

Empire: Uninspiring but not digusting

Favorite Broad Street hangout isn’t *totally* gross and offers *some* comforts.

Aladdin Express: Hookahs, graffiti, and grime, oh my!

It would be too obvious to reference genies and magic carpet rides for this one. So let’s keep it simple: Here’s a lady’s take on the facilities at one of Richmond’s favorite spots for Middle Eastern cuisine: Aladdin Express.

Cous Cous’s bathrooms = Manhaters

There’s a BOY in the GIRLS’ bathroom!

In the can at Can Can

It’s authentic. From the tiny little octagonal floor tile to the toilet’s high, high tanks with a long, dangling chain for flushing…