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Spacebomb: Sampling the goods

First made popular by hip-hop, sampling music is legally risky business. Spacebomb’s legal counsel strikes again with an in depth look at the art.

Spacebomb: Every rose has its thorn

Poison got sued, and Spacebomb’s lawyer is here to talk dirty to you.

Spacebomb: Truth lies somewhere in between

Although Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, and Madonna are essential ingredients of our modern culture, women musicians have had a very difficult time breaking through and getting the credit they deserve. Our latest Spacebomb article gets at the little-known history of talented women and their musical contributions.

Friday Cheers Giveaway for The David Grisman Sextet

This week at Friday Cheers The David Grisman Sextet rocks the stage with The Hot Seats. Sign up to win free tickets!

Spacebomb: History of a process, part 3

Under the right pen the conscience of our society has been displayed openly and we have voices to stand up against our enemies. Most importantly, we possess songs that sit beside us in our greatest need, songs that are realistic projections of the complexity of our human journey.

Virginia Opera does Philip Glass

The 2011-12 season of Virginia Opera will feature two premieres. One, Verdi’s “Aida,” is a logical choice to add to Virginia’s opera repertoire and will be presented in partnership with the Richmond Ballet. The other premiere is a little more intriguing.

Live at Ipanema: Anousheh Khalili

Anousheh’s got a voice like whoa and is totally the thing you need to be listening to RIGHT NOW. So click away and get to downloading!

Modlin Center for the Arts: Jazz to the west

For the second year in a row, The Modlin Center for the Arts is a most gracious sponsor of RVAJazzfest. If you’ve ever been to a performance of any sort at Modlin, you likely have been stunned by the beautiful collegiate gothic architecture inside the long hallway connecting Modlin, which houses the theater and visual arts department, to Booker Hall, where the music department and Camp Concert Hall are situated.

Richmond Symphony: Experience the Pops

For the Richmond Symphony, a new season is a chance to see the unexpected. Standard fare of Ravel, Bartok, and many more, of course, line the schedule that begins September 17 and goes through May of next year. For many, however, the Genworth Financial Symphony Pops will stand out as something special.

Spacebomb: Blue since Blau left me

The sessions are long since over, two records wait eagerly in the can, and Karl Blau has returned home to Anacortes, Washington. Karl and Spacebomb sure were busy in February, but in case you didn’t find yourself in the fortunate position of getting to know Karl personally while he was in Richmond, we thought we’d cover that for you.