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Well, that’s that. I’m sticking my head in an oven.

Impressive skills, and yet these guys are socially inept. I guess you can’t have it all.

Truly bizarre. While the aspect of dressing up like a queen appeals to me, the aspect of sitting through a bunch of frou-frou luncheons with normie moms does not.

Eh. The girls they chose to profile were interesting, but it wasn’t fun to watch their self-control issues piss off other campers for 90 minutes. The teachers and the metal chick WERE fun though.

Why does hollywood perpetuate the myth that girls love to kiss guys who have prickly unshaven sandpaper face? I have tried this and let me tell you that girls do NOT seem to love that at all.

The sense of humor in this movie is perfectly tuned to be out of phase with my sense of humor, so that though I could recognize that there were jokes, I laughed zero times.

This could have been so much better. All of the plot/character development happened off-camera, which at least made it a short movie. I’m conflicted! The play itself was funny.

This was like watching a Hollywood version of an elementary school play — so terrible yet so endearing.

I think the part of the sweeping epic film where the heroine gets married and has a kid is like the season of the high school TV series where they all go to college. It just isn’t quite the same.

I sort of recommend this because it’s neat to watch the submarine surface and because Tony Curtis is adorable, but I sort of don’t because its basic premise is that women are a pain in the ass.