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Old Soul – sounds before the silence

Old Soul Sounds Before the Silence (self released, 2011) Paul Willson graduated from the VCU jazz program last spring and he hasn’t wasted a minute since then. Sounds Before the Silence is Old Soul’s first release and while it isn’t under Willson’s name, his vision is clear. Mixing the ubiquitous sound of Kurt Rosenwinkle, the […]

part two: Bryan Hooten – Richmond Love Call

Click here to read part one of this article. Bryan Hooten is a trombonist, composer and educator who performs with a variety of ensembles from across the musical spectrum including Fight the Big Bull, No BS! Brass and Ombak. Bryan Hooten’s solo trombone record “Richmond Love Call” is available now on itunes or find him […]

Building groove mansions

Recently, bassist Jason Ajemian and his group High Life released a new record on Jason’s Sundmagi label called “Riding the Light into the Bird’s Eye.” I’m always interested in a band’s approach to composition and improvising, and thought it’d be cool to give everyone a peek into the truly unique approach that Ajemian has taken […]

Patois – Patois

After working for more than a year Patois, a duo consisting of guitarist Karl Morse and dummer Grant Bauley, is releasing its first record: Patois. While the two no loner live in Richmond, the record features a host of familiar musicians.

From “Live at Smalls” to live at The Camel

Six months ago, The Flail performed at The Camel. They will return on Sunday June 19th and if their new record is any indication, this is a must see event.

Bela Fleck and the Flecktones – Rocket Science

“The Original Flecktones” new release “Rocket Science” finds the band in its original lineup for the first time in over eighteen years. The result is well worth the wait.

Ombak – Fan Bricks

After two years of anticipation almost to the day, Richmond’s own Ombak will release their sophomore album, Fan Bricks tonight, Wednesday May 4th at 10pm at Balliceaux. The album is only available for digital download, but the band will be selling limited edition posters at the release party that contain download codes on the back.

UTV.chamber: The First Letter

A cast of old and new faces, The First Letter offers a new perspective on UTV.chamber’s music.

Near Earth Objects – Manual For Self-Hypnosis

Stretching the divide between jam and jazz, Near Earth Objects specialize in big grooves with a small ensemble mentality. On Manual For Self-Hypnosis, the trio builds off the sound that they established on their EP, but they will be the first to tell you that their sound is changing.

Jason Jenkins Group – Scenic Roots

Released less than a year after his last, Scenic Roots is the new album from bassist Jason Jenkins and it features some of his favorite Virginian musicians.