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Virginia Indian Drum and Dance

For thousands of years, America’s Native peoples have celebrated social and spiritual events by dancing. Spiritually, dancing is a way of participating in the community’s cycle of balance: bringing all aspects of life into harmony through rhythm.

Jorge Negron’s Master Bomba Ensemble

With some of Puerto Rico’s finest master bomba drummers and dancers in tow, former Richmonder Jorge Negron returns with one of Puerto Rico’s most engaging Afro-Latin ensembles.


The members of Khogzhumchu are leaders in a new, post-Soviet generation of musicians who masterfully incorporate elements from western styles in a way that only enhances the breathtaking impact of the ancient traditional form of throat singing.


The Madison Hummingbirds, of Portsmouth, are the current torch bearers of the great Virginia shout band tradition.

Joel Rubin Ensemble

The Charlottesville and New York City based duo of Joel Rubin and Pete Rushefsky performs Eastern European Jewish instrumental klezmer music and hasidic /nigunim/ (religious melodies of spiritual elevation), a meditation on the Russian-Jewish musical legacy.

Nader Majd

Dr. Nader Majd, of Arlington, VA, was born in Sari, Iran, and began studying and playing the santur (hammerd dulcimer) and violin at the age of six.

Larnell Starkey and the Spiritual Seven

Larnell Starkey and the Spiritual Seven, of Rocky Mount, Virginia, has been spreading their Ministry in Songs for over 36 years.

Cantor Irena Altschul

Cantor Irena Altshul serves as the first invested Cantor at Northern Virginia Hebrew Congregation in Reston, Virginia.

Maggie Ingram

Born July 4, 1930, on Mulholland’s Plantation in Coffee County, Georgia, Maggie Ingram worked in the cotton and tobacco fields with her parents.

Paschall Brothers

The Paschall Brothers stand firmly in the great tradition of unaccompanied religious singing in the Tidewater region of Virginia.