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Democrats hammer Cuccinelli over federal law

Virginia Democrats slammed Ken Cuccinelli for on Tuesday for not supporting reauthorization of the federal Violence Against Women Act.

Chairman Brando’s Fancy Finds: Mar 18, ’11

It’s Black Friday, y’all. A new Black Friday. One not concerned with rampant consumerism and destroying the atmosphere with vast amounts of minivan and SUV exhaust. No, this Black Friday is about a girl and her song.

Chairman Brando’s Fancy Finds: Mar 11, ’11

What is this? A Fancy Find? Now that my latest arduous task has been completed I can do other things! I probably ought to put myself on some sort of schedule to get these done in a semi-timely fashion.

Chairman Brando’s Fancy Finds: Feb 9, ’11

While everyone else was busy watching Christina Aguilera complete her march toward irrelevancy, I was beginning another run through The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. I probably played this game more than any other as a kid — more than the original even. Back before everyone lost their attention spans and would only accept instant gratification from games (see: Call of Duty), these sorts of adventure games were simply the best.

Chairman Brando’s Fancy Finds: Jan 21, ’11

Hey, little girl. Did you want to know a secret? Because I know one, and it is so good to hear it. Do you want to know what it was? Alright. I’ll tell you want it was.

Chairman Brando’s Fancy Finds: Jan 13, ’11

Staring at this blank canvas of a “content goes here” box, I decided that today we will focus on VIDJAGAEMS! Everyone loves VIDJAGAEMS! Those are the same things as video games but more fun to say. Either way people love ’em. I mean, I don’t actually know that; it’s hard to know things when you haven’t stopped playing long enough to see what others are doing.

Chairman Brando’s Fancy Finds: Jan 7, ’11

Normally I would try to be witty and entertaining in this introductory paragraph but, well, it’s Friday, I’m sleepy, I’m hungry, and as a result I’m having trouble mustering up the Care Factor to try. If wit came to me as effortlessly as my stunningly mediocre looks then it wouldn’t be an issue. But I have to work for it, unfortunately, and some days it just doesn’t come (TWSS?).

Chairman Brando’s Fancy Finds: Jan 3, ’11

Oh, hey, guys. Remember how I used to do this thing? Yeah, me neither. Such is the consequence of me getting way too much time off work. Inevitably, my sleep schedule reverted to nocturnal, my days became nights, and my nights became filled with tears and sadness and Battlestar Galactica (which is fighting for the BESTSHOWEVAR award with Airbender and is unrelated to the previously mentioned tears and sadness). But, hey, nothing like surrounding the word “hey” with commas twice in one paragraph, and nothing like the clicking over of the year counter on our arbitrary calendar system to kick things into gear.

Chairman Brando’s Fancy Finds: Dec 20, ’10

Nothing too fancy today — unless you find celestial events fancy. AND YOU SHOULD. I’m not convinced there’s much out there fancier than an eternal gravitational dance of massive bodies. There’s a mom joke in there somewhere but I’ll take the high road. This time…

Chairman Brando’s Fancy Finds: Dec 17, ’10

Today I wondered with a sad giggle how much productivity must plummet city-wide when there’s two inches of snow on the ground. Everyone’s quick to call it a Snow Day and go home and take naps. That’s a pretty severe inches-to-dismissal ratio. I mean, come on, it’s not that bad. Just give it a chance instead of being so quick to judge! God! …Um, right. Anyway. Of course, you can’t take Snow Naps if your Snow Pantry isn’t stocked with Snow Breads and Snow Milks. Not that anyone needs such things; Hot Pockets will suit you fine provided you have a decent selection of reading material next to your toilet.