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Fans flock to see ‘awesome’ First Lady

First lady Michelle Obama visited VCU yesterday to announce a new effort by leading medical colleges and universities to support the medical care needed by returning veterans. Here are some reactions of those who attended the event that featured Ms. Obama.

GIVEAWAY: La Excelencia

Sign up for a chance to win a 4 pack of tickets for La Excelencia at the Modlin Center For The Arts tomorrow, Wednesday September 7 at 7:30.

July Festivals

Think about it. In Australia, New Zealand, and the rest of the Southern Hemisphere, July is the COLDEST month of the year. For reals. Us Northern Hemispherians, on the other hand, have a beautiful month ahead of us! It should come as no surprise that July is chock full of festivals and events for our warm merriment, much to the envy of those below the equatorial line.

Giveaway: Get ready for some mother Truckin’ fun!

There’s going to be ginormous drive-by later this evening. You won’t need to duck from flying bullets, however, but the jawsome ballistics that is rock n’ roll! The Drive-By Truckers are performing tonight at Friday Cheers.

June Festivals

It’s June! Do you know what that means? It’s nice outside. Often! As a result, there’s a lot (I mean a lot) of festivals that will take place throughout this lovely month.

Memorial Day Guide

Did you really think that Richmond would have a shortage of things to do this Memorial Day weekend? Pshaw! No matter what you’re in the mood for, you’ll find something to take part in to get the most out of the holiday weekend.

Mayor announces “RVA Fireworks on the James” festivities

Mayor Dwight C. Jones, Dominion CEO Thomas Farrell, and MWV CEO John A. Luke addressed a small crowd on an overcast late morning to announce the upcoming “RVA Fireworks on the James.” The event will be held at Belle Isle in Downtown Richmond on July 3, 2011, and will be billed as “Patriotic Family Fun.”

May festivals

May festivals here! We’ve got your May festivals! Check ’em out while they’re still warm and chewy.

Colonial Mapmaking at the Wilton House

At the end of a suburban side road lies the Wilton House, a gorgeous colonial home that has recently adopted its first outside exhibit since it became a museum in the 1950s. “Get Found: Mapping Place and Time” is a collaborative exhibit that explores the history of mapmaking.

Explicitly excellent Easter events

Easter is one of the Big Four American holidays, and Americans love a good holiday. So, I know each and every one of you is preparing for a weekend chockablock with family, chocolate, church, rabbits, and eggs. Or any (possibly awkward) combination thereof.