2011 in Review: Q4

Here’s our last quarter recap for the year that was 2011. We take one last stroll through the final months of the year to remember the haps that were.

This Sunday marks the beginning of 2012 (or MMXII for our Roman friends), and before the ball drops we’re taking a final look at 2011, specifically the months October through December.

Things started out on a positive note as the George Wythe High School football team won their first game…in eight years. The Amazing Raise raised some serious loot for some local nonprofits. In art walk news, First Fridays resumed in October without any incident.

Thinks weren’t all rosie, however. A driver was killed after being involved in a road rage accident on the Powhite Parkway–Richmond Police eventually nabbed those who were suspected in the incident. Also, GWAR guitar player Cory Smoot was found dead in middle of a tour. Tragedy struck Virginia Tech as a police officer was killed on campus.

Occupy Richmond got into the protesting spirit, even going so far as to occupy the lawn next door to Mayor Jones’s home. Richmonders at large got into the Occupy spirit and welcomed moving their money to local banks and credit unions during Bank Transfer Day. In rather disturbing news, two VCU employees were arrested for alleged child sex crimes.

In more light-hearted news, we created a list of recommendations for Steven Spielberg, including dinning, shopping, and museums while he was in town shooting Lincoln. Whether or not Spielberg has received a Brazilian wax, only he and his wife will know, but if he hasn’t, then this article about a first-timer getting a Rio Brazilian done might have persuaded (or dissuaded) him from doing so. Something slightly more painful was the release of the last Twilight movie. Something much more entertaining, however, was one of the best graphic novels of the year, Habibi.

In restaurant news, Bombolini opened a brick and mortar shop in the Fan, selling their homemade pasta. And, sadly, our beloved Nate of Nate’s Taco Truck decided to close his Taco Truck Stop in Jackson Ward.

And, whatever you do, don’t forget the Folk Festival!

As usual, Halloween on Hanover made the holiday even more ghoulish and fun. Not only did Hanover Avenue get into the Halloween spirit, but the annual Richmond Zombie Walk through Carytown made the dead come alive. Speaking of zombies, we also found out what really happens at the Arthur Ashe monument at night.

One of the most poignant and heat-warming events in the city this year took place on World AIDS Day. Downtown, 400 red umbrellas opened simultaneously to commemorate those that had, have, and will have HIV / AIDS. Although certainly not as important, a lot of people became nostalgic when we looked at Cloverleaf Mall. Speaking of Richmond landmarks, we also summarized the drama surrounding the Diamond, as a Flying Squirrels official insinuated that the team might look to leave if new stadium plans were not solidified. And the VMFA had a confederate flag problem.

Not everything going on was classified as a problem. Turns out that the recently opened Selba has become a jazz haven for the city. On the reading front, Richmond Public Libraries rolled out eBook loans to all those who have a library card. While sitting down with a good book strikes many as being a slice of Heaven, not everyone has the time–such as parents who do the job solo.

We’re very fortunate to have such an awesome, ever-growing readership. We love showcasing Richmond, the city that we love, to you. Thanks for checking in with us every day–we would be nothing without you. And so, from all of us here, we hope you have wonderful New Year. See you in 2012!


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