Trashing the park

A disgusting amount of litter was left in Carter Jones and Fonticello Parks this weekend.

Update #1 — April 30, 2014; 9:32 AM

RPD posted the following yesterday.

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Original — April 28, 2014

In stark contrast to the story about a free book lending library being set up in Forest Hill Park this Sunday we have two photos from Fonticello & Carter Jones Park taken on the same day, this past Sunday.

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Richard Hayes

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  1. kenny on said:

    That spring has been clogged up for weeks.

  2. Greg on said:

    It was cleaned by the city about 3 weeks ago. More trash, etc have just reclogged it up.

  3. Stuffa on said:

    Not to imply that littering isn’t a problem, but keep in mind that wind blows plastic bags and other trash , which tends to accumulate in low areas. We have had some breezy weather lately, so may not be the result of direct littering at all.

  4. Jennymoment on said:

    The park was absolutely trashed on Easter. There were hundreds of plastic eggs, candy wrappers and other forms of trash left in the park. Each week garbage cans have overflowed with trash and the park just keeps getting worse. Sunday is by far the worst day when people tend to hang out. It’s far worse then I’ve ever seen it.

  5. Willis on said:

    Was there sunday due to the events at Forest Hill park making it too crowded to actually play around on the playground. I was surprised, does the city not empty the trash cans there? They were all overflowing. It seems to me people are at least trying to throw their trash away but if the cans are full where can one do that? Now the bathrooms were some kinda nas-tay. No TP at all so I had to grab some napkins outta the car for my son after he dropped a duece.

  6. Matthew on said:

    Thanks for posting this, Greg. I’ve been picking up litter at Fonticello everyday while I walk my dogs. The past two weekends by far have been horrendous with the garbage left behind, and it isn’t blown in. The city empties the trash once a week, but there isn’t enough capacity. Parker has recommended contacting Sherri Johnson of the Clean City Commission, A friend of mine started NOLA Trash Mob in New Orleans on Fb to coordinate cleanups….which we might could do for our neighborhood, too.

  7. Matthew on said:

    Oh, and the spring has been backed-up, then shut off, cleaned, and turned back on, only to flood again three separate times now in the past two months. Mr. Richard Bruce is the Parks & Rec manager for the park…646-8913. They have been quite helpful and responsive when I’ve called in the past.

  8. Concerned on said:

    The trash comes from people who abuse the park. I don’t want to have to clean up after them. If we clean up after they destroy the park, are we not just enablers?

  9. Greg on said:

    That’s exactly my view. It’s like cleaning up your child’s room for them. Enabling. Would like to see some litter citations issued.

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