Today is Election Day

Today’s the Tuesday after the first Monday in November, do you know what that means? ELECTION DAY! Here’s the skinny (and a trillion links) to get you up to date and informed on tomorrow’s election.

Today’s the Tuesday after the first Monday in November, do you know what that means? ELECTION DAY! I say that in all-caps, italics, with an exclamation point hoping to amp up, what is most likely a lack of, election day fervor. 2011’s election tiding are both grim and slim: over half of the races involving some portion of Richmond City are uncontested, and the only City-wide election is the Clerk of Court.

Think of this as practice run for 2012 when we’ve got all of Council and the Mayor up for grabs. Plus, some lucky citizens may have a new polling place to check out! See, another enticing exclamation point!

Below, you’ll find all of the elections involving at least some Richmonders, the candidates, their websites, and–for incumbents (marked in bold)–links to their body of legislation. You can find a map (including directions) to your polling place on the State Board of Elections website. Polls open at 6am and close at 7pm.

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Contested elections


Photo by: D.H. Parks

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  1. john m on said:
  2. Sam Hough on said:

    Senate District 9 is no longer uncontested. Write-in candidate Floyd Mays is making a serious D-Day push to unseat him.


  3. Voting with my vote and not voting for any of these crooks

  4. Holy crap, formatting! What happened to the text, it gets bigger and bigger toward the end of the article.

  5. Jason on said:

    Thanks for the info. I had a hard time finding this out in other — ahem — news outlets.

  6. Scott Burger on said:
  7. Susan Winiecki on said:

    Here’s the link to the voting guide at the TD with lots of background on candidates and stances on issues

    (Full disclosure: my husband is the politics editor)

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