Technology Drive for RPS Elementary Schools

In with new tech, out with old but a chance to give that old tech a new life.

The holiday season often results in upgrades to various personal technology. My plan is usually to either trade-in or donate the now obsolete (in my mind at least) technology. This plan involves me putting in a drawer or an a shelf and promptly forgetting about. As a result I have in my possession not one but two Palm Pilots complete with cases.

Sarah Milston, founder of the Spark Mill has a better plan for all those iPods, mp3 players, iPhones, and tablets. She has organized a Technology Drive for RPS Elementary Schools. Drop them off at her office (1623 W. Broad Street) during business hours and she’ll see that the end up in the hands of local elementary schools and be put to good use. Certainly much better use than the closet or shelf collecting dust.

Sarah fills us in on how this technology will be used.

Tablet Uses
apps, games in class, taking pictures, QR Code treasure hunts, small group instruction, e-reading for individual instruction

iPods or MP3 Player Uses – (any kind- especially old classics with video screens)
students can record themselves reading, listening stations in class, take home so that parents can watch lessons, teachers can record instructions to lessons and parents can watch, teachers can record plays in class and parents who wouldn’t have been able to attend can check out the device and watch at home, parents can check out and record themselves reading to the class,

Old iPhone Uses
*some of the same from above* Also- “text” their spelling words, take pictures/video of class trips and activities, record themselves reading and then listen to it for fluency check- will feel more natural because they are just talking on the phone

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