RVA Internet Awards: Get out the vote!

Well! You certainly had some suggestions, didn’t you? We’ve taken your input, added our own, and are now ready for you to cast your votes for the RVA Internet Awards.

Well! You certainly had some suggestions, didn’t you? We’ve taken your input, added our own, and are now ready for you to cast your votes for the RVA Internet Awards.

A couple points of note…

We ended up eliminating three categories: 1) Most Thought-Provoking Twitterer, 2) Best Community News Break, and 3) Post of the Year. There weren’t a ton of nominations in those categories, a fact we like to attribute to there being SO many choices… not you all hating thinking, community news, or uh, posts about things.

We also did a wee bit of necessary shifting as far as who went into what category, e.g. people nominated for Best New Blog when their blogs aren’t so new, and so on.

And you’ll notice that some categories have more nominations than others. That’s just kind of how it played out.

So click the link below to check out the final nominations and cast your vote. Votes close at 10pm on Friday, February 19.

Cast your votes for the RVA Internet Awards now!

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Valerie Catrow

Valerie Catrow is editor of RVAFamily, mother to a mop-topped first grader, and always really excited to go to bed.

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  1. It’s an honor!

  2. I’m still listed under “new blog”, right?

  3. Hey wait what if you don’t have an opinion on one of them?? Why can’t you skip??

  4. I’m in the same boat, Susan. I’ve never heard of any of those “best kept secrets,” which I guess is appropriate…

  5. Justin on said:

    Yeah am I supposed to go read all these twitterers? I need an N/A.

  6. Justin on said:

    Alternately, make it checkboxes instead of buttons so votes don’t get split.

  7. Hey Dean! If you think you’d enjoy hearing me complain about Martha Stewart, you might like Marthable????

  8. You could complain about anything and I’d read it, Susan.

  9. What if I complained about jazz? Ohh quandary!

    JK I would never.

  10. It’s an honor just to be nominated. Because even if I don’t win, I still get one of those fancy “nominee” animated gif badges I can put on my website with dancing unicorns and rainbows and wild-eyed lolcats and shooting stars.


    I get one of those, right?

    Well, I’m gonna make one then.

  11. Bob M. on said:

    Why is Jeph Kelley and his TA blog mentioned four times and twice in one category alone?

  12. hip not trendy… great tips! real life….but somehow interesting

  13. Jeph K. on said:

    Admittedly some domination there, Bob M., but can’t say I asked for it or am deserving of it.

    Note: On Tobacco Avenue’s Facebook fan page, (posted earlier today, before seeing your post) I’ve recommended folks vote for Cafe Darkness or Matt on Fire for best new/best overall blogs.

    Tobacco Ave. won a great award last year from RVA News and its people, and I’m super thankful for that. Other sites need to be recognized this year to promote this great blogging and content-offering community we have.

    Re: Twitter, I’ve met some amazing people through my feed in the last year, and it’s provided me with a place to share quips or dumb things I think of throughout my day. Follow or don’t, up to you or anyone, based on what you like to read. Read TA or don’t…up to you and what you like, based on what you like to read. As for me, I like offering up content; in doing so, I’ve found that a nice amount of people like reading it. That’s pretty neat-o, and it makes me happy.

    I’m thankful to be nominated, but I’m not asking for any votes. It’s just cool to be recognized. I think everyone who’s been honored on this fun list thinks the same.

    Take care –


  14. nobody’s blaming you sweetness

  15. Bob M. on said:

    Nope, not blaming you, Jeff. I happen to enjoy TA. However, the overall survey seems a bit biased and should allow nominations for those not on RVANews’ list. This reminds me of the Shorty Awards.

  16. Jeph K. on said:

    Totally cool, and I get what you’re saying. I just really hope everyone is fairly represented and gets credit for the good work that this community put out this year. There was a lot of great stuff out there.

    RVANews did handle this much better than the Shorties. They asked for votes in their comment section, now there are some finalists that are really representative of the Richmond Internet scene. It’s a fun contest and I hope it doesn’t get marred down in the “VOTE FOR ME VOTE FOR ME” of the Shawties.

  17. Joss- thanks for the nomination- you keep me laughing all day long!

  18. Thanks for your comments, Bob.

    If you click back on that first link in this post, you’ll see that we held open nominations from January 15 to 22.

  19. Thanks for the nominations. Are any local bookies running odds on these awards? I could really use some extra cash.

  20. Richard-I’m down with that idea 100%. I am broke and could use the extra scratch. Thanks for the nom, btw!

  21. i’m totally and completely honored to even be on the list. i’m not worthy. really. but thank you.

  22. Really an honor to in the rankings with some really great people and their fine blogs!

  23. We’re honored to have been nominated in such GREAT company!

  24. Thanks so much for the nomination! Very excited!

  25. Dionne Waugh on said:

    No nominations for @richmondpolice or http://www.Facebook.com/RichmondPolice?

  26. hi les gens j’aime bien cette facon de voir les chose ce commentaire mais l’ immobilier est mon hobbie.

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