RVA Class of 2010 Superlatives: Winners!

Richmond has spoken, and the results are in. Without further ado, the RVANews staff is proud to present your Class of 2010 Superlative winners!


[audio:http://rvanews.net/sounds/2010/01%20You%27re%20The%20Best%20%28from%20The%20Karate%20Kid%29.mp3|titles=You’re the Best Around |artists=Joe Esposito]
(Please, please, please listen to the soundtrack. It will make the experience magical.)

Most likely to succeed: To The Bottom And Back

Since 2009, To The Bottom And Back has been keeping revelrous Richmonders safe by providing free transportation from 6pm to 3am, Thursday through Saturday, between the Fan and Downtown. Learn more about their mission (and how to help them out) here. Thanks, 2BNB!

Most artistic: Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Once the VMFA finally (FINALLY) reopened its doors in May, Richmonders went gaga over the place. You’re right, VMFA, it is our art. And thank you for serving it up so nicely. (Pictured here is the latest addition to the new Lora Robins Sculpture Garden, a temporary exhibit from Japanese-American artist Jun Kaneko.)

Most musically talented: No BS! Brass

Fun, rowdy, and ridiculously good at what they do. That’s the way to win Richmond’s heart, fellas.

Class clown: Gene Cox

Even though Gene Cox has been anchoring the evening news on NBC12 for what seems like forever, he’s recently established himself as Richmond Twitterers’ go-to source for laughs. A recent Tweet: “The deer in our neighborhood are like pets. They graze happily among our plants and flowers. Bastards.” See?

Cutest couple: Jack Lauterback and Style Weekly

A bartender/columnist and the news magazine that publishes his work/loves him to itty bitty bits.

Most athletic: VCU men’s basketball

What can we say? This is a truly an amazing program, turning out superstars like Eric Maynor and Larry Sanders (just to name a few). And with a coach named “Shaka Smart”, you’re opening things up to so many puns. How can you go wrong?

Biggest gossip: Rumors

Don’t let the name of the category (or the store) fool you. The ladies in charge have their fingers on the pulse of this town, and their loyal patrons look to them for the facts on all the goings-on in Richmond.

Prom king: Ryan Nobles

Do we really need to explain this one to you? He’s incredibly intelligent and charming — and so nice you think he’s kidding. Also: dimples.

Prom queen: Sabrina Squire

Ms. Squire is everything you look for in a prom queen: smart, put together, and just lovely.

Most spirited: Nutzy

A town once divided over where to house America’s favorite past time has come together to take part in what is perhaps the biggest citywide crush in recorded history. WE LOVE YOU NUTZY!

And hey, Richmond. We love you more.

Images of Gene Cox, Ryan Nobles, and Sabrina Squire courtesy of NBC12 (who actually owns their likenesses — we are happy to own someone’s likeness if there are any takers).

Image of Nutzy courtesy of Johnny Hugel.

All other images courtesy of our fabulous intern, Erica Terrini. Thanks for running around all over town to take these. You make our weird ideas a reality.

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  1. Emily Y on said:

    Congrats NO BS!

  2. Alternate soundtrack: Green Day’s “Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)”… *sniffle* I’m still crying!

  3. BOPST on said:

    I’m better looking that that prom king.

  4. This is bull@#@$#. I was robbed for best gossip. I heard Cafe Darkness tried to sleep with the judges, which I think threw the whole thing off.

  5. Dave on said:

    This should be renamed to “NBC12 presents: RVA Class of 2010 Superlatives Winners”

  6. Hey, votes are votes. It’s obvious that Richmonders love NBC12.

  7. BOPST on said:

    they are easy to love

  8. Yeah, I did try to sleep with the judges to win SOMETHING at RVANews and it didn’t work. AGAIN! I give up!

  9. Everyone knows that RVANews can only be bought with donuts and cookies.

    JK, guys, we didn’t determine the winners, Survey Monkey did. I don’t know how you buy votes from them.

  10. blasphemy on said:

    Gene Cox as class clown? Seriously? I don’t care how funny his “tweets” are this is preposterous. He’s not out there DOING comedy like RCC (rvacomedy.com) or John Reaves. I know this doesn’t mean anything, but it just goes to show how little attention Richmond’s comedy scene is getting. Get out to a show – there is a ton of great comedy going on in the city right now.

    Cafe Diem – August 1st. – It’s an open mic, sure, but there are a lot of great comedians that get up on stage.

  11. Wolf on said:

    Watching the news, I used to think Gene Cox was becoming senile. But following him on Twitter, I have learned that he’s actually a genius who is just not challenged by delivering the news.

    Congrats to him for this honor.

  12. Mark on said:

    This is ridiculous. Can we get back to reporting news on this site instead of Twitter popularity contests?

  13. I think you’ll find that many of these winners aren’t known just for being on Twitter. Sure, Gene Cox is back on people’s radar because of it, but he’s also been around forever. These folks won because people in Richmond love what they do.

  14. Not sure about the cutest couple thing, but congrats to all the *other* winners! This was fun, nice job guys!!

  15. Horhey, you just wish that you could be the one snuggled in my strong, yet sensual embrace.

  16. BOPST on said:

    @Mark: I like the shallow end of the pool. It’s easy to stand.

  17. @Mark: Honestly not trying to gang up on you, I’m just curious as to what kind of results would not incense you. This contest was literally asking “who is the most popular to you, Richmond’s online community? Let’s talk about it because it is more fun than work,” soooo…. I don’t really see what the problem is. Isn’t everything a popularity contest, and isn’t that why my pal Dale Carnegie’s book has been published for like a trillion years.

    I would be interested in hearing suggestions as to how to NOT make this a popularity contest. “Choose your favorite person that fits this category but don’t choose your FAVORITE one,” would be kinda hard to do.

  18. And in other news, if Nutzy/Lesley/Cam and I had to lose, I am so thrilled that it was to Mr. and Mrs. Weekly. I choked when I saw that photo.

  19. another band photo with no regis chapbone. do you really exist? or are you just a vampire so you never show up in your bands photographs?

  20. RVAbread on said:

    No runners up? No honorable mentions? I think Meade Skelton should at least get an honorable mention for his wonderful ode to Ukrop’s.

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