Robert Wood found alive! Also: Turkey, deer, and Squirrels

A nine-year-old goes missing in Hanover and is, mindblowingly, found six days later. Plus a major earthquake in Turkey, a deer runs rampant downtown, and the Squirrels aren’t happy.



Incredibly, six days after he went missing, Robert Wood was found–alive! Mind blowing!


On Sunday, a nine-year-old autistic boy named Robert Wood, Jr. wandered away from his father, brother, and a family friend in North Anna Battlefield Park. Hundreds of volunteers have joined Hanover County Sheriff’s office in searching for the boy. Honestly, I’ve tried to avoid this story as much as possible; it’s awful and terrifying. At publication time Robert was still missing.

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A 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit the city of Van in eastern Turkey leaving tens of thousands of people homeless. Several hundred are confirmed dead, but the death toll is expected to rise as the rubble is cleared.


When the Flying Squirrels came to Richmond part of the agreement was to have a new or very refurbished Diamond in a couple of years. Well, the plans for that stadium have been steadily delayed until the earliest we’ll see anything is 2015. Augh! On Tuesday the president of the Squirrels let fly his thoughts on the sad state of affairs. He then issued a statement to clarify. Then the Mayor issued a statement. So many statements, but I’m not sure we are any closer to a new Diamond.

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DEER RAMPAGE. This is a quintessential local news stories: deer gets loose downtown and bashes up the place. Unfortunately, this particular deer was killed by police to prevent further damage to property. Seems a little intense. Whatever happened to tranquilizer guns? Do we still have those?

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As the #Occupy movement continues grow and…occupy…it continues to have run-ins with the police. The folks out in Oakland had a violent clash with police involving bottles, vinegar, paint balls, tear gas, and rubber bullets. It’s like Clue: you decided who was using what weapon.

Okland Local has a bunch of great firsthand reports, if you are interested.

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