Looking back on 2014: January, February, March

Before 2015 gets here, we’re looking back on 2014. First up is January through March. The new year began with optimism, but March ended with tragedy.

We started the year by looking at this mouth-watering list of new restaurants in 2013. While sipping coffee from one of RVA’s best indie coffeehouses, we read one dad’s single goal for the new year (one many parents can relate to).

Speaking of parenting, caretakers of tiny humans had Norovirus to worry about (Yipee!). We also got a bit queasy after learning Richmond has one of the nation’s highest levels of income inequality. Adding to those depressing data points was learning that the city’s HIV rate is among the nation’s highest.

Shifting gears, we heard from the city’s top chefs as they talked about community, family, and Cook-Out milkshakes. We also learned how VCU will grow in coming years (spoiler: a lot).

One of our most popular profiles of the year was of Bryce Lyle, who’s working to keep parents in the city when their kids become school aged. We also learned about boutique fitness centers working to keep RVA in shape.

Restaurants put on a happy face when it became legal for them to advertise their happy hours. We got wind of VCU’s $50 million refurbishing project for its James Branch Cabell Library, and we caught up with Venture Richmond’s plans for its outdoor natural amphitheater as it hit a snag, putting the Folk Festival in jeopardy. We closed out January by taping into Original Gravity to discuss the growth of home brewing.

February started with reports of a stolen firetruck. We found out the culprit once stole an ambulance, meaning the dude has one hell of a bucket list. In food news, tongues salivated after learning Mike Isabella was brining Graffiato to town. RVANews also launched a new morning ritual: Good Morning, RVA.

Valentine’s Day was extra sweet this year as Virginia’s ban on gay marriage was ruled unconstitutional. We stayed in the spirit of love by profiling the owner of Richmond’s premier adult store.

Despite the city becoming more and more bike friendly, there was a frightening collision between a car and a cyclist on Monument Avenue (the cyclist is still recovering).

We learned things at Stony Point aren’t necessarily set in stone, VCU Basketball said goodbye to Terrance Shannon, and we discussed the history and reasoning behind Virginia’s food-to-alcohol ratio.

Speaking of food, we found out the beloved Pho 1 was for sale…until it wasn’t. We got a glimpse of the future when officials released the courses for the 2015 UCI Road World Championships, and we got to know the next generation of Richmond grocers.

March rolled in with a new look for the VCU Rams, a viral video launched a police probe, and a story about a Maymont camp out brought some…interesting comments.

Ahead of St. Patrick’s Day, we looked at the new Rare Old Times and got insight into Shamrock the Block’s new digs. We got a case of the sads after saying goodbye to the VMFA’s Blue Ridge Chandelier but then we got a case of the AW, YEAHs when we gleaned the A10 bracket.

We all read an odd story featuring my favorite headline of the year, and learned that this local ne’er-do-well couldn’t let another St. Patrick’s Day pass without clashing with police. An accident involving a GRTC bus on Broad sent eight people to the hospital (all turned out OK).

One of Richmond’s most creative souls passed away when GWAR frontman Dave Brockie was found dead in his apartment from an accidental heroin overdose. Something Brockie would have loved was how these two guys counter-protested the Flaggers.

There was a big-time police bust on Broad, and we ended March profiling the most positive restaurant in Richmond.

2014 had plenty more to offer, and we’ll continue our stroll down memory lane on Monday when we look back on April, May, and June.

Photo by Kevin Lewis

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