Lincolnbeard, the State Fair, and Short Pump Mall

Short Pump Mall pulls their customer tracking program, the State Fair goes bankrupt, and folks have some concerns about how Richmond is handling our mini-Hollywood invasion. Week in Review!


Friday/Saturday saw two murders which brought the City’s 2011 total to 33. In comparison, at this point last year there had been 40 homicides. Barring a record-breaking (for 2011) eight murders in the month of December, 2011 will have fewer murders than 2010.

While murders definitely are down, we’ve been experiencing a qualitative crime wave over the last couple of weeks. Robberies and burglaries are on the rise, make sure you lock your cars and make smart decisions.


Short Pump Mall decided to pull the plug on their controversial (and creepy) customer tracking system. The technology anonymously logged shoppers’ locations via cell phones as they moved from store to store and would have provided retailers with a super-accurate data set on customer habits. People were not too stoked on this idea.


Michael Jackson’s personal physician, Conrad Murray, was sentenced to four years for his role in MJ’s death. Word is, two years of that sentence will be suspended.


The first photo of Daniel Day-Lewis in his Lincolnbeard hit the twitters on Wednesday. The photo, by @UVAMichael, eventually ended up on national sites like TMZ and the Huffington Post.

Some folks in Richmond object to the timbre our nascent paparazzi, and suggest that we leave the famous people alone, that it’s making Richmond look bad. Others, like Ettamae’s owner Laura Morand Bailey, say we need to up our famous-people game and provide the stars with top-rate Southern service.


The State Fair of Virginia has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Fear not, loyal fans of all things fried, live calf births, and general fair-related mayhem! The Fair’s not going anywhere, this is all just part of a little debt restructuring. Sounds complicated.

Anyway, everything is all set to go for 2012, so no worries (yet…DUN DUN DUN).

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