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Fighting Gravity Fitness opens and offers fitness classes in the air.

Give the options of what to do with a silk hammock, my first, second, and most likely third reaction would be to figure out a way to take a nap. The silk hammocks at Fighting Gravity Fitness however are meant for the polar opposite of napping the dreaded exercise. If you’ve been to a modern circus in particular one of the thousands of Cirque du Soleil touring the country you’ll have a better idea of what the aforementioned hammock looks like.

Full story from Richmond BizSense.com.

“I didn’t feel AntiGravity would go over in Powhatan,” Bonafé said. “I felt like it was more of a trendy thing and it would be received better in the Richmond area.”

The hammocks help decompress the spine while also working out core and upper arm muscles. Half of a person’s weight is supported by the hammock, and the rest is up to strength, Bonafé said. Bonafé leads her classes through movements that combine yoga, Pilates and gymnastics.

According to Bonafé, just one session can add a quarter of an inch to a person’s height, but the effect isn’t cumulative.

Image: Richmond BizSense.com/Michael Thompson

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