No new apartments near Stony Point for now

Wooded section would be replaced with 282 apartments.

Update #1 — June 27, 2014; 11:14 AM

Richmond again has information on the proposed development of a 282 unit complex slated for near Stony Point Fashion Park. As of right now a judge has ordered an injunction.

But Shuford argued last week that the neighbors had their own agreement with Taubman to bar residential development onsite, regardless of council action.

“What the planning commission or city council might be inclined to do at any one time might be different than it would be 10, 20 or 30 years later,” he said. “Regardless of the political changes that might occur in city council or the planning commission, there was a direct agreement with the parties in terms of what uses they would allow.”

The Huguenot Farms association petitioned in court in May, saying that the land sale between Wood Partners and Taubman was scheduled to close within weeks. A judge granted the temporary injunction last week.

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Original — May 13, 2014

A battle that has been brewing has reached a legal boiling point as neighbors attempt to prevent an apartment complex from coming up.

Richmond has the details.

The Huguenot Farms Area Association filed suit May 7 in Richmond City Circuit Court against Taubman Centers in an attempt to block a proposed 282-unit apartment complex near the Stony Point mall.

The move comes ahead of a land sale to Wood Partners, an Atlanta-based developer. The neighborhood association said in its suit the deal will close in June.

“As time was getting ready to run out, our only real option at this point is to see if the courts will help us,” said Mark Shuford, a Spencer LLP attorney representing the neighborhood association.

The Huguenot Farms Area Association, which represents 250 residents living near Stony Point Fashion Park, argues that mall owner Taubman has gone back on a 13-year-old agreement to build only office and retail uses on Stony Point’s wooded northwest section.

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  1. William Catto on said:

    Rather than consume virgin woodland for an apartment development, Taubman should build them right into Stony Point Mall. Would be good for the apartments to have so many services (retail, restaurants, etc) within walking distance, and good for the stores to have a captive market in proximity. Parking solves itself since most people who drive will take their cars to work with them during the day. Taubman will do whatever brings the fastest buck, though. They’ve always been that way.

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