Happy Weekend, RVA: You deserve it

The first week back to work for many of us, and the weather did not make it easy to leave our holiday cocoon.

What a week, everyone! We all tried hard to keep up with the School Board and City Council leadership changes and other city administrative stuff, but it’s hard to pay attention when the cold has turned your eardrums and retinas into brittle pieces of ice that could shatter at any time.  

Has someone pissed off Elsa again? This week was nigh unbearable, although in my dim memory of last year’s polar vortex, I guess it could be worse. This weekend won’t be AS bad, with today right around the freezing mark and Sunday in the lower 40s. Apparel translation: a bikini with a ticket to the Caribbean tucked in a strap.

Of course the week’s most highly publicized and disturbing news: the Charlie Hebdo massacre, rocked the world (both the journalism world and the actual rest of the world). This blog post from Canada.com was really good, I thought. 

My favorite piece of local news came from a press release from the Mayor’s office, entitled “Mayor Launches E-Time Capsule with Huguenot Students.” I don’t know what I like most, the mental image of the mayor launching something, the fact that an “e-time capsule” is a thing, or the name of the capsule: Hugh-E. That is clever, kids. Very cute and clever, and I applaud all of you. Good luck at your new school.

Reasons to stay in bed

  1. You can’t actually afford that Caribbean ticket.
  2. This may just be a reason for me personally to stay in bed, but Jefferson’s vacation home now has its own virtual presence that you can play around with WHENEVER YOU WANT.
  3. It’s finally here. Friends is on Netflix. I won’t need to watch it, because I’ve seen it so many times that the inside of my brain feels like this.

Reasons to get up

  1. This article about getting rid of unnecessary things has got me going through every single room in my house and throwing anything not absolutely essential into a bag. I feel lighter, happier, and more likely to invite you over for dinner.
  2. The Israeli Film Festival!
  3. It’s Oscar season, and you should start getting yourself to the movies. This Letterboxd Year in Review is inspiring. Many of these are available streaming on Netflix or on DVD, which…wait, just stay in bed.

What’s up next week?

FITNESS WEEK is up! We’re going to have some fun and not-lame things for you to read and/or participate in and/or look at and/or shop for that could change your VERY LIFE. If your life feels like it needs a-changin’, tune in Monday.

Photo by: Âtin

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