Happy Weekend, RVA: Yeah, this is a thing!

Reasons to stay in bed on this chilly weekend, if you want them. And reasons to get out of bed, if you want those instead.

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Sorry, it’s November. Your spoiled days of beautiful balmy weather have come to an end. Partly sunny and upper 50s rule your world this weekend. Apparel translation: Sweater, light to medium jacket, jeans, and maybe a scarf. No hats required yet, but wear one anyway because they make you look like a cheeky little devil.

Welp, it was a busy week, what with the election (late yesterday, Ed Gillespie conceded the senate race to Mark Warner saying, “It would be wrong to put my fellow Virginians through a recount when in my head and in my heart, I know that a change in outcome is not possible”).

And what with Alton Brown turning the eye of a hungry nation on Richmond. Here’s hoping they will come here and eat all of our food! Wait. Maybe they should stay far away. The food’s no good here, folks. Stay in your respective towns!

We also had our 39th homicide, which really isn’t something you need to be thinking about as you lie in bed and ignore your kids’ pleas for waffles.

Instead, give in to the colder temps and stay in bed. There are reasons.

Reasons to Stay in Bed

  1. It’s cold.
  2. You’re going to want to read this article about the break-off effect, which happens to astronauts as they’re floating around space, viewing us down below and wondering why in the heck they should even bother.
  3. Netflix now has Snowpiercer on instant, as well as new episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, depending on your time commitment.
  4. That homicide thing. Ugh.
  5. This article, part of our 100 Days to a Better RVA series, generated some discussion. And the best part of the internet is that you can discuss from bed!

Reasons to Get Up

  1. Graze on Grace is on Sunday, and because I’m very hungry at time of writing, it’s the only thing I can think about.
  2. By that same token, the S’mores Fest is TODAY, and now THAT’s the only thing I can think about. Learn about that and a bunch of other things to do this weekend by reading 5 Things and 5 Things for Families. (Bonus: reading those two gives you another reason to stay in bed!)
  3. I lied about the weather. It’s going to be fairly nice next week. And it’s not even that cold this weekend, you big baby! But one day, and one day SOON, you’re going to have to accept that January Is Coming. Take advantage of your outdoor time while you can.
  4. Hot chocolate won’t make itself.

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