Happy Weekend, RVA: We continue on our weird path

Politics have filled our lives lately, so we suggest you balance that out with a little beer and internet-surfing.

Lately, I’ve been hearing a couple of birds sing in the mornings. Could it be that spring will come early this year? I am not a meteorologist, but I do play one on the internet, so I will say that yes, yes it is coming. There’s rain this weekend (today) but highs in the 40s and 50s. Apparel translation: hope.

This week was…pretty much dominated by the General Assembly. Bills are happening all around you! Bicycle tailgating, gifts to politicians, sexual assault on colleges… All were discussed, and maybe some good works will be done. 

VCU retired Bradford Burgess’s jersey, and I learned that they don’t retire numbers, just jerseys. (I don’t quite get that, but hey, future VCU student basketball players: you may NOT wear that man’s jersey now, so please adjust your plans.)

Joe Morrissey continues on his weird path. But has also proved that he can get elected FROM ANYWHERE.

Also, we began a new feature! Beer News is penned by someone who literally says “I wish I were drinking 1,000 beers” at least once an hour, all day, every day. His nonsensical ramblings will finally be directed at the other beer-lovers out there, and not just at our office. 

Big items next week: The Elbys, Richmond Magazine’s food awards, this Sunday. Mayor Jones’s State of the City on Thursday. We will have coverage of both, and we may be attending a happy hour before the latter, so definitely follow @RVANews for some good-time-tweets.

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