Happy Weekend, RVA: Ups and downs!

America, man. Things are crazy.

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I can’t tell what Weather.com is trying to say to me this week–is there not certain destruction upon us? Will the Armageddon they keep predicting finally come? Not sure, because they’re paused to admire the efforts of this guy, apparently.


Oh wait, they just updated with “It’s Coming, It’s Massive and It Will Break Records,” so that’s a relief. The End of Days is back ON!! This weekend expect cooler mid-80s temps with almost certain stormage today and a beautiful, relieved sun on Sunday. Apparel translation: A rainbow slicker with a rainbow t-shirt underneath.

In case you missed it

Tensions are coming to a boiling point all over the country! RVANews, Style Weekly, and the Richmond Times-Dispatch all published (often multiple) pieces that ranged from wondering whether the ways we’ve honored various Confederate poster boys is still appropriate to calling for their removal. Here’s our piece, which rounds up many of the existing ways in which these dudes are still being honored, here’s Style’s opinion piece by Brent Merritt, and here’s Michael Paul Williams’s brilliant piece. Richmond Magazine’s Harry Kollatz, Jr. disagreed. Richmonders everywhere used these pieces as a way to start meaningful discussions that posed and answered questions, while allowing everyone to be introspective about what they, themselves want to stand for, and what they might be projecting that they didn’t realize.

I’m totally kidding, of course. It was about 1% civil discourse and 99% awful things.

And speaking of progress and freedom and all that, July 4th approaches, and well ahead of it is our July 4th Guide! We’ve compiled places to watch fireworks and things to do that may or may not tie in fireworks at some point. Next week, we’ll be bringing you even more info! Here’s hoping we don’t all sit at cookouts crossing our arms and pouting at each other. America, you guys. We still kicked that British ass!

In other cultural healing news, we covered exciting happenings at the Holocaust Museum and Pocahontas Island, which contains more historical significance than, like, anything I can think of.

In regular old non-controversial news, Hayley DeRoche gave us some reading ideas for kids of all ages (she’s a librarian so you know it’s legit) and ALSO informed us what BetaBox is and what if can do. 1708 Gallery hosted an exhibit in conjunction with the National Association on Community Design Conference and Catherine Baab-Muguira inspired me to move ahead with my plan to buy out the owners of the townhouse next to my sister and knock down the fence in between them. 

Owners of this townhouse: I will offer you a meager sum, but you will be rich in the satisfied feeling that you have brought a family closer together. 

And, of course, here are all the things you should do this weekend and here are even more that you can do with your family.

Heads up

We’re not publishing anything next week. All this political unrest has been too exhausting.

But if we WERE, it would include #untoldRVA; an interview with our beloved Secretary of Education, Anne Holton; festivals you can expect in July; illuminating things about 1776 apparel; July 4th edibles, a roundup of July live music; and the restaurants that opened in June.

Reasons to stay in bed

  • Check out some Facebook comments on any of the above articles regarding anything involving racism. You’ll want to stay in bed forever and ever. 
  • Ready to plumb the even deeper depths of despair? Check out the Facebook comments on equal marriage rights. 
  • I’m TOTALLY KIDDING. Do not look at any of those. I’ve been absorbing them all week for you so that you might live. I began by delighting my domestic partner with dramatic readings and by Friday was boring him with just the sound of repeated sputters.

Reasons to get up

  • This guy gets it!
  • You’ve gotta go find a rainbow flag. Festival Flags on 322 W. Broad Street is out of stock, but plan to get another shipment in on Tuesday or Wednesday. Go give them your custom! 
  • Ugh, never mind, get back in bed. I just read a thing that I won’t even link to that calls that flag an oppressive sign of “Big Gay” in one paragraph and the “Gay Reich” in another. He calls for putting back up the Confederate flag and eliminating the rainbow one, which means that, dang, this was a bad week for that pundit!
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