Happy Weekend, RVA: This cup is, like, 3/4 empty

HO HUM, STUPID WINTER. Here’s a lot of things to do indoors so you can just forget all about it.

I just don’t want to talk about the weather. I just don’t. It’ll be warmer, I guess, but as I have stopped caring about life, it matters not. Apparel translation: ennui.

We talked a lot about summer camp this week, and got some interesting thoughts from folks from CodeVA, Camp Hanover, and SPARC. I feel many feelings about summer camp, and if you also feel feelings, you should check out our huge list of day camp opportunities

But right now, summer seems a long way off. Before we begin our St. Patrick’s Day Guide, which is almost EXCESSIVE in its fun and informativeness (and not just about boozing too), let’s just take a few minutes to do zero things. Actually, one thing: feel sorry for ourselves.

Reasons to stay in bed

  • If you’re a basketball fan, the Rams were, well, let’s just say, “not victorious” on Thursday night against Davidson. If you’re up for it, read Aaron Williams’s preview of their Saturday night matchup with George Mason and then do some chanting under the covers, or whatever you need to do to spur them onto victory.
  • Downton Abbey is now complete, and if you’re the type who likes to binge-watch, now’s your chance. It’s all available at PBS.org. I can’t decide whether I’m too tired of Mary being too tired of the world to bother to catch up. Can someone confirm to me that Edith finally has a good day? Just one good day in her entire life?
  • Food52 (my brain wants me to give it up but my heart just can’t bear to hit “unsubscribe”) has a new cookbook that I can’t stop thinking about and may need to buy even though I just got rid of everything in my house. That’s not stay-in-bed worthy per se, but this cookbook tournament is!
  • I’m pretty sure “The Dress” thing happened since we spoke last, although now it seems like a billion years ago. It’s over. And my mother will never ever know about it. Not sure we need products to keep a one-day meme fresh in our minds for eternity.
  • I am very upset that this video exists and very relieved that Hayley DeRoche agrees with me. I GUESS it’s a step in the right direction, though to me it just slaps a cute stamp of approval on the  “women are objects and if you can find it IN YOUR HEART to not slap them this one time, here is a trophy” philosophy.
  • Kelly
  • There’s literally only one rule to Hat Club

Reasons to get up

  • You’ll need to go get your wallet. Bike tour startup Richmond Rides Bicycle is raising funds to buy a fleet of new bikes! This is also a reason to get back in bed, because you’re going to want to spend some time daydreaming about a gentle, spring-breezy group ride around the city.
  • But hark! The temperature is creeping up and up, so you will need to get out of bed just to press your nose to the glass of your window and maybe, possibly open your door a tiny bit. It’ll be like Dorothy landing in Munchkinland, and I will be Glenda and arrive in a bubble, and the school board will be the Lollipop Guild and the City Council will be the Lullaby League, and I have gone officially winter-crazy.
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