Happy Weekend, RVA: The happiest of all weekends!

What a week we just finished. And what a week up ahead. Weeks!

Weather.com just freaked me out with this: “ALERT: WIDESPREAD DESTRUCTIVE STORMS COMING” over a map of the entire continental United States, but there’s a nice little dry spot over the southern part of the Eastern Seaboard. High five, South! We did something right! By being positioned where we are! For us: a fair amount of clouds, and consistent highs of 88. Apparel translation: flops.

It’s a very special weekend for us, as our own Lauren Eubank will reinvent herself as Lauren Millard in a fairytale wedding at which we all plan to eat so much. As a reader of RVANews, you may not get to hear much from Lauren directly, but her sellin’ skills are what keeps us all in string cheese and sparkling water. Without her, we simply would not have jobs, plain and simple. So we take this opportunity to express our appreciation and also our advance apologies for eating SO much.

In case you missed it

Speaking of nuptials, our Wedding Guide has come and gone, with a shload of interviews with planners, florists, makeup artists, hair stylists, venue owners, invitation designers, and a piece by our own Phil Williams, who explained to us how to go about dealing with a wedding DJ.

My takeaways from this wedding-centered experience:

  • Every single wedding professional believes Pinterest is a blessing and a curse, and that people should not set their hearts on a thing they see on the Internet. Courtney Spencer said it well when she said that when you view those photos, you’re not seeing the context in which it was pulled off.
  • Brides and grooms should let the small stuff go and think more big picture.
  • Hiring a professional is a great way to relieve a ton of the stress, because honestly, that’s not what this is about.
  • When you ask people in the local wedding industry who their favorite vendors are, they get very anxious because they love TOO MANY to name. Seriously, these people were so in love with each other, I want to hire them to throw a huge group wedding where they all tie the knot together.
  • Everyone is exceptionally nice? Honestly, I had no idea. I thought the wedding industry was something I would never be able to relate to, but it turns out I was genuinely moved by their takes on love and life.

We’re also beyond pleased to present our new column, Our House, which brings you stories from families that do not fit into traditional molds. Adam Mead, one of Richmond’s very best individuals, talks about the things you say to his family, and what they might mean to his kids.

Also, Kelly Gerow did some research on accommodations for the Big Bike Race™, and as a result, we learned many things.

Heads up

Next week will involve more Big Bike Race-related content, as well as some good stuff from Andrew Cothern (aka RVA Playlist), a local publisher and literary magazine, and–get stoked–I will be interviewing Paige Mudd, the new editor of the Richmond Times-Dispatch. I hope she is prepared to be my very best friend, because I am prepared to push that agenda upon her.

Furthermore, Valerie Catrow will discuss midwifery, Richard Hayes will discuss soccer, Sam Davies will discuss parenting, and I will discuss with whomever will listen which one of them is my favorite person. I can’t help it, guys, I am full of love.

Probably because we are going to begin ticket sales for RVANews Live #003: Bikes and Trucks this week! IT IS TOO EXCITING! Mark your calendar for Thursday, June 4th, because…that is when it will be.

Reasons to stay in bed

Reasons to get up

  • I love anti-sexism social media so hard. This Tumblr both makes me laugh and perfectly uses a David Hasselhoff image. But THIS tweeter makes my heart soar, but, of course, her detractors make my heart pummel to the ground. Crying eagle emoji.
  • Also, the weather! Get up, get moving, get planning some Memorial Day cookouts for next weekend.

Photo by: Sky Noir

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