Happy Weekend, RVA: No news is good news

Let’s just indulge ourselves for one, calm, Saturday-morning minute. Wait, shhh, is that a bird singing outside? We finally did it. We willed away winter.

With temps as up and down as they have been this week, you may be suffering intense pressure-changing headaches, such as I am. Join me in terse responses to everyone you know! You do it like this:

The groundhog. What an idiot. This weekend: 50s and 60s. Boom! Spring is nigh. Apparel translation: relief and workout gear.

We began our Valentine’s Day Guide this week with many delightful things to read. It answers such questions as “What should I give my loved one or friend for Valentine’s Day?” (What you’re going to give for Valentine’s Day), “What should I do with my loved one or friend for Valentine’s Day?” (What you’re going to do for Valentine’s Day), and the eternal human conundrum, “Why don’t people narrate from the perspective of Disney characters as much as I want them to?” (RVANews’s super unscientific survey of Richmond’s romantic life). 

Keep an eye out next week, because The Worst Holiday Ever is about to get even more entertaining, with more stuff to do, more things to read, and more ways to make the season brighter. And hotter. And steamier. 

Also in the non-real-news this week (because honestly, who cares about the news, am I right? It’s the weekend, let’s just read things that don’t aggravate our pressure-changing headaches), Hayley DeRoche’s mindfulness reflections delighted me. I don’t want to be present when I’m doing something dumb either. I want to listen to an audiobook so that the dumb thing goes by more quickly. Now, I am vindicated!

Reasons to stay in bed

  • Pull the covers over your head, close your eyes, and create–from start to finish–a Zelda TV series. You’ll need to put a lot of imaginary work into it, because this will take awhile to become reality, if it ever happens at all.
  • Hold your ice cream cone high, squeeze your feet tightly together, and grasp your issue of Kinfolk magazine. The Kinspiracy is the funniest thing on the internet in a very long time. What is HAPPENING to the world?
  • There’s a lot of reading material about one of America’s most fascinating movie stars. When you’re finished with that article, I highly recommend Monroe’s autobiography, My Story. It’s very brief, but incredibly smart and tragic. Just like her life.

Reasons to get up

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