Happy Weekend, RVA: May it finally be one!

We…think it’ll be nice outside? Don’t quote us!

Unlike yesterday’s Bad Meterology (blame his sources, don’t blame Ross like the rest of the office did. We learned our lesson and labored under a virtual storm cloud in the office for a good hour after that.), we’re still predicting higher temps (mid 70s and even cresting 80). There may be clouds, but you can probably handle them. Clouds only make the sun seem brighter when it comes out. My glass is always half full, you know? Apparel translation: A tank top that optimistically features a design with the old Burger King lady wearing shades and saying, “Where’s the beach?” 

In case you missed it

NEAT WEEK happened, and we stripped everyone of their belongings with Sarah Fought’s moving and inspiring account of how KonMari changed her life. Then we stripped everyone of their dirt with Stephanie Floyd’s instructions for getting and keeping a clean living space. Then we stripped everyone of their square footage with Abby Waller’s account of turning a small home into a fully functional awesome-home. And THEN, we stripped everyone of their…feeling of dread? I dunno. Sam Davies is my productivity guru, and his piece on Getting Things Done motivated me to get better at doing OmniFocus reviews. And then Ross wrote a thing about being a digital neat freak. 

But maybe my favorite of all is the Joan Bowling audio interview on being a better speaker, conversationalist, and all-around confident person. Now that it’s the weekend and you may want to take a long walk or a jog, I highly recommend hearing what Joan has to say. She is like a sunbeam, but the kind that doesn’t give you cancer.

Heads up

We’re tackling weddings soon. Godspeed, us.

Reasons to stay in bed

  • Scott Weiland, lead singer of one of my favorite 90s bands, Stone Temple Pilots, just–is a trainwreck. This video made me want to cry.
  • Wanda Sykes is seeing ghosts at the Jefferson. This makes ME want to stay in bed because people actually believe in ghosts. She’s a comedian, people! She didn’t see a ghost at a hotel that wasn’t even built during the time period to which she refers! Take it with a grain of salt!

Reasons to get up

  • Seriously, the weather. There are a thousand things to do this weekend, five of which you can do with your pals and five of which you can do with your families. Highlights: anything outdoors, which is most things. Festival season has begun, and we suggest you get eating, drinking, and grooving.
  • Plus, you’ve got some KonMari-ing to do! If you’re lucky, you’ll run into something like a human hand when you start in on your attic. I’d have kept that too! A treasure map brings me some serious joy!

Photo by: Sky Noir

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