Happy Weekend, RVA: Listen to me ramble

Some sun, some clouds, some cold. It’s mid-November and that seems about right. 40s and 50s this weekend with some sub-freezing temperatures overnight. Apparel translation: Quilts.

This week didn’t seem too crazy to me, unless you count its evil shapeshifting from balmy pleasuretown to steel-grey Eeyore-ville. Obama said some things about net neutrality, and then the RTD said some things about it too. It’s the leader of the free world versus the Times-Dispatch! WHO WILL WIN!? Hopefully ‘Bamz, because net neutrality is a good plan. That is Our Opinion.

It astounds me that human beings can do many, many of the things that people do like it’s no big deal. But now we have landed a thing on a COMET, so I am unimpressed by everything else. Wait, I’m also really impressed that a thing can take a photo of a thing in space and we can see it on the internet just a little bit later. Guys, we are really going to get close to whatever it is we’re attempting to do in space! I can feel it!

Cider Week begins statewide this weekend, and I stupidly had the idea to not drink this month. As cider is my favorite thing in the world, I will be more vulnerable to peer pressure than originally intended. Check out the site for events and lists of places who are doing cidery fall cocktails. UGH, ME AND MY STUPID IDEAS.

In other news, I saw a bumper sticker today that said “Guns have two enemies: Rust and Democrats,” and I thought “…….Yep?” Like, is that supposed to be a zing? Sounds like just a fact to me.

Oh, you like hearing me ramble on, do you? Definitely buy a ticket to RVANews Live, the inaugural edition, which will be held at Gather this Wednesday, November 19th. I will be moderating panels of people who have many more important things to say than I do, and sometimes, when I get really nervous, I talk at record speeds and do some stuttering, so you’re sure to be entertained! Learn more about the event and get your tickets today

Reasons to stay in bed

  1. Quilts! Like I said!
  2. Things like this exist, and they could be masquerading as something else in your child’s bedroom RIGHT NOW. Lock the doors and call Gawker.
  3. Read about the VCU T-shirt controversy and decide how you feel about it. I’m not sure I agree with all of the outrage, but I do think that Wikipedia can clear a lot of this up. See, Richmond was built in 1737, long before VCU existed. No biggie, shirtmakers, but the Internet can be pretty helpful when you need to fact-check! May I suggest “We exist in this city!”
  4. So many new things on Netflix, such as the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Academy Award-nominated Nebraska.

Reasons to get up

  1. Cider Week.
  2. Cider Week.
  3. Cider Week.
  4. Some other things, including Cider Week.
  5. Cider Week.

Have a great weekend out there, and don’t forget to use taxis to get around when you become entirely full of cider.

Cider Week.

Photo by: tecfan

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