Happy Weekend, RVA: Let’s hope for a Christmas miracle

The news has been ugly, as of late, but it’s up to you how much you want to dwell on it this weekend. Put on your coat, whistle a holiday tune, and stay far away from the Internet.

It’s not going to be our most beautiful weekend. Some rain and clouds, and highs in the 40s and 50s. Apparel translation: Fleece-lined denim jackets and hot chocolate between your fingerless-gloved hands. But honestly, I find sunny winter days depressing. Give me the clouds any day. They make the holiday lights that much brighter! 

And that’s the last shred of sunniness that I have for you today, because the world is going you-know-where in a you-know-what!

Racially motivated police violence continues to be a scary subject, as white cops can’t seem to stop saying things like this. Some folks have some really boring and obvious things to say about the national unrest, and others are acting unwisely as Internet vigilantes who ruin real lives.

What a time to be an American! Remember when we were all in college and had no problems and could just live a happy, charmed life?

Sorry, that’s not a good place to be either. Rolling Stone opened some floodgates with its piece a few weeks ago about rape culture on campus and, arguably, focused too much on one particular story. Now, that one story is under the microscope. And if it’s proven inaccurate, America will likely take a step back from where it was: almost ALMOST ready to accept that sexual assault is a crap-ton more prevalent than anyone really imagines, and that many campus administrations attempt to cover this up. Rolling Stone is now waffling, due to the frat in question retorting with “We didn’t have a party that night,” and the guy in question saying “Yeah, but see, I don’t actually know that girl.” And as criminal cases are always best solved by a music magazine and frat boys, we continue to follow this story with interest.

But, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, etc. You’re entitled to enjoy it, so kick back with some ‘nog if you like and pretend like the whole world is as fun as that train ride up to Vermont in White Christmas. Or, get out on the town and choose a festival to go to or just a thing to do. Richmond is bursting with activity at the moment, and you must seize the bobtailed beast by the jingle bells and laugh all the way.

Reasons to stay in bed

  1. After reading all of the above, you’re probably contemplating staying in bed for the rest of your days. I won’t add to the melancholy.
  2. But if you really want to get deeper into an abyss about how messed up things are, watch The Thin Blue Line on Netflix and listen to Serial, which is back from its Thanksgiving break.

Reasons to get up

  1. You have children/pets/friends who need you!
  2. Seriously, you’re not changing the world by staying in bed. John and Yoko you are not.
  3. The new Armenian take-out joint, Coriander, is delicious. Find it in Carytown next to Weezie’s.
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