Happy Weekend, RVA: Have yourself a peaceful little Christmas

It’s like this weekend should be a calm before the storm, but it is actually the storm itself.

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Christmas Day, for me, is pretty un-hectic and honestly, kind of a lonely let-down. I like the pageantry of the setup. I do not like the sitting around thinking “Oh, it’s all over.”

But when it is, my friend, we will be there for you. 

Let’s get back to the matter at hand, though. This weekend will be chilly but only to people who whine a lot–mid-40s and 50 degree highs, with some festive clouds and some festive sun. Apparel translation: beanies with sequins.

If I knew what I was doing on a technological front, I’d have the soundtrack to your reading be my three-year-old singing “Susie Snowflake” in the earnest and thorough way that he sings it. Or maybe it would be me singing it, as it is constantly in my head. That’s fine, though, because the news hasn’t been awesome of late, and I’d rather have that in my head than Joe Morrissey’s unfortunately worded quote “Right now, there is a bit of a cloud, a taint, over my seat.” A bit of a cloud, a bit of a taint, a glib public speaker Joe Morrisey ain’t. Oh well, we all dream of a day in which people can keep their hands off other people long enough for us all to accomplish real things in the world. Seek help, creeps, and stop being so gross. 

Speaking of gross, here are some people and businesses who are decidedly not! LISC and Bon Secours announced the 2014 SEED grantees this week, and that link will give you a ton of information about the program, its origins, its intentions, and who’s benefiting from it.

More Church Hill happenings: Tess Shebaylo has a pretty cool house, which Apartment Therapy figured out and made a national thing out of. Of course, it was another, more intrepid reporter who had her gorgeous finger on the pulse and who introduced the house to the world, like, two years ago. I guess we’ll always be ahead of the curve, me.

If you’re tired of news and just want to go Full Holiday, our Holiday Guide exists so that you can do just that. 

Reasons to stay in bed

  1. I have so many links for you to enjoy! 
  2. Here they are:
  3. Tattooed and Old-Timey Ladies
  4. The Origins of “Hello Nurse!”
  5. The Origins of “Animaniacs” (that train of thought was pretty clear, I hope)
  6. “Froinlaven! What does it mean?”

Reasons to get up

  1. It is literally the most wonderful time of the year. Staying in bed is silly. There are cookies to bake and stockings to hang. 
  2. I feel like somebody should make a hilarious study that will go viral for like four seconds about how it’s actually super unlikely for the North Pole to have a foggy Christmas Eve. Who is the person to do this study? Could it be you??
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