Happy Weekend, RVA: Et tu, spring?

Keep your hopes high and your expectations low this weekend.

I won’t sugarcoat it for you, this weekend is going to be rough, weather-wise. Highs in the 50s (WHAT!?) and significant percentages of rainchance, which is a bummer for all the cool stuff going on. Apparel translation: socks’n’shoes, I think. Sorry.

In case you missed it

I felt feelings this week when Phil Williams’s four-year Civil War series ended with a flourish and some insight. Bon voyage, Phil! (Wait, he’s not going anywhere.)

We wrote more things about Earth Day! And also Arbor Day! Special thanks to Prabir Mehta for being way into trees and also for being a powerhouse of information on basically anything you want to know.

Page Hayes’s colonial cider experience was a fascinating read for anyone who enjoys thinking hard about old, hilariously written recipes. Broil a dozen barrils of suet, and mix with several fresh heads of cabbidge. Use mixsteur to fill a shoat. JK, that is not the cider recipe, but it is charmingly spelled “cyder!”

Heads up

We are very excited about next week, which will feature a ton of content on spring cleaning, productivity, and THE NEW YOU. What is this new you, you might ask, and what will happen with the old me? The old you will wither and die like a shed skin, crumpled in a heap from which the new you will spring forth, ready to organize your life, be more productive, and hone your confidence! I’m not sure why I wrapped this up in terrifying imagery, but for real, forget that shed skin business and get ready for some motivating content. Neat Week is upon us!

Reasons to stay in bed

  • Dat weather.
  • Just pull up your covers, navigate to Weather for the Blind and let yourself get into a droney happy place, courtesy of the wind. Reviews in our office are mixed (one heartless guy said “Sounds like the wind needs to be more talented”), but one more emotionally evolved person says that this is beautiful.
  • This incredible (that is not hyperbole, it is literally unbelievable) dollhouse will make you dig deeper into your mattress for two reasons. 1) It’ll take you ages to get through all the pictures, but it’ll be a pleasant journey and 2) You’ll never be this good at anything in your life.

Reasons to get up

Photo by: AndyMcLemore

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