Happy Weekend RVA: Detox real quick

We miss you over the weekend :(

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“Not Even the Whale Expected THIS to Come Out of its Blowhole!” says Weather.com to me, which I assume means that it’s going to be upper 70s on Saturday with plenty of chance of thunderstorms and then about a 10-degree jump for Sunday with less chance of rain. Because that’s what I found out when I dug deeper. Apparel translation: A raincoat, because I have no idea what’s coming out of that blowhole. Batten down your hatches.

In case you missed it

TWO Our Houses this week, because we figured you guys were too busy gazing out the window and thinking about burgers last Friday to read anything. So, we had Phil Edwards talk about his life a few states away from his daughter and Tiffany Glass Ferreira make us feel things–largely laughter things–about life as a Food Allergy Mom. If you have a story about your less-than-traditional (or perhaps more-than-traditional!) family life, please feel free to lemme know. 

And here’s Maat Free, letting us know that July 4th doesn’t mean “gazing out the window and thinking about burgers” to everyone. Dang it, Maat! You are always very fascinating and never fail to make us realize that we do not think about other people as much as we, in our hearts, want to.

Grant Martin is BACK with a look at an iconic building on VUU’s campus that has had a storied history, to say the least. And Stephanie Ganz learned a lot of things while walking through a forest, grabbing mushrooms.

And guys, this was just on Monday!

The rest of the week brought us the grand and informative Performing Arts Guide for the 2015-2016 season, which, oddly enough, was exhausting to write! Each thing on the menu fascinated me and I spent too much time reading all about them, and then I looked up and a day had gone by. Quit playing with my emotions, Richmond performing arts scene! I can’t see EVERYthing! 

Even more exhausting was our second foray into the world of Confederate symbols, which resulted in this timeline.. Here’s how conversations go around here: 

Ross: What if we did like, a simple timeline of Confederate symbols and the stuff that was published around that conversation?
Me: I’m sorry, what? I was responding to an email, sorry.
Ross: We are literally in a meeting to discuss content right this minute.
Me: I SAID I WAS SORRY. OK, so a timeline?
Ross: Yes, a media timeline of Confederate symbols.
Me: You know what I was thinking? What if TIPS! were like in a little box on the corner of the site and so like every day you could expect it to be there. Also, you have got to hear about my weird nightmare last night about being a mail-order bride to Germany.
Ross: OK I’m going to start on this timeline, and you’ll flesh it out by Friday, right?
Me: YES, jeez, can we move on dot org.

<Thursday evening, post-work hours>

Me: I kind of went crazy on this timeline and expanded its scope, and now it is huge and I need help wrangling it into submission, and I know it is the last minute, but I have grand plans for it. And could you ignore your family and help me with it tonight even though I blew you off all week about it?
Ross: Why are you so dumb?

I think he actually said something accommodating. Who can remember. All I know is that we got it done. It took a few minutes for someone to say a mean thing to us, so I got worried that something had happened to the outside world. Fear not!

Somehow, we managed to get this interview with Secretary Anne Holton done in the meantime. I recommend reading it if you care at all about education in Virginia–or about the future, or kids, or the economy, or basically anything regarding human beings.

Then, check out Hayley DeRoche’s musings upon her first year as a parent, what she learned, what she liked, what she didn’t, and what surprised her. Also in the family realm, Amanda Gibson told us it was OK to save AND spend! Thank the heavens!

I went a little nuts over Quill Theatre’s female-led Hamlet, which just opened. I believe Jan Powell might be a genius, and I believe you should be going to see this.

And, of course, there’s 5 Things for you and for your family.

Heads up

NO REST FOR YOU! We are working on a couple of weeks that have a big, big focus on booze. Yes, BOOZE! Of all kinds: the hops kind, the grapes kind, the distilled kind, the apple kind. The local craft alcohol scene has been leading us all like the Pied Piper into its den of liver problems and poor choices, but hey, we’re adults and we can direct our own lives. Plus, it tastes so dang good. And, like, shopping local, y’all!

Also on deck: Aaron Williams will school you about parking, Sam Davies talks about being bored (in a way that will not bore you), we get a little deeper into the University of Richmond route change for the Big Bike Race™, and a bunch of other stuff.

Reasons to stay in bed

Reasons to get up

  • Speaking of grunge, the 90s are cool to the kids now! Hooray! Get up and grab a newly minted Nirvana shirt from Limited Too or whatever! It’s time to start your day!
  • Oh, it’s summer! Just get up and get out there! You can take a nap on Sunday afternoon. That’s what Sunday afternoons are for! (Don’t forget to detox, though, you’re going to need to save your strength for our week of booze, which begins Monday).
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