Happy Weekend, RVA: Beware heat stroke

It is warmish out. WARMISH! Stop reading this. 

I put on 14 layers yesterday, as I now do out of habit, and found myself uncomfortably warm. “What is this feeling?” I asked myself. Then I asked myself, “Is it time to replace the sunglasses I broke a couple of months ago?” Then I asked myself, “Why can’t you take care of your things?” And then things got sad and weird. This weekend’s weather will be downright tolerable! Sun today with highs in the 40s and rain tomorrow with a high of 55 °F. Apparel translation: Galoshes and a smile of relief.

Fitness Week was this past week, and I did a lot of “Oh, this should inspire you” talk. But the honest-to-Pete truth is that all of the people we talked to ended up inspiring even this old lazybones. We’ll announce the recipients of our lululemon Great Fit Challenge on Monday!

Also in the news, Oscar nominations! That exclamation point is not one of glee, it is one of disgust! Many people feel similarly about the total white-bread, male-dominated snoozefest that is the 2015 Academy Awards. Stay tuned for more non-gleeful coverage!

What do states who are called states call their annual check-in talk by their governor? Luckily, we don’t have to worry about that awkward homonym phrasing. We’re a commonwealth, dammit! And here’s McAuliffe’s State of It!

Reasons to stay in bed

  • There aren’t many, because it’s time for you to get some vitamin D on your sallow, dull skin. But if you feel like delaying that process for a few minutes AND you took Latin in middle and/or high school–this is for you. Man! The things we could have done with better technology when we were tweens.
  • Just get up.

Reasons to get up

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