Happy Weekend, RVA: And now, onto the next sport (?)

Spirits are low after the Rams were eliminated from March Madness, but fear not. I have endeavored to put a smile on your face. And, yes, some darkness in your heart, but that can’t be helped.

I spent last weekend at the epicenter of VCU Rams excitement, the Atlantic 10 tournament (did you wake up last Saturday morning wondering where your email newsletter was and worrying that I had been abducted? I didn’t see any frantic tweets, but I will assume your concern was there.) I spend this weekend in the lowest pit of VCU Rams despair: Richmond, Virginia. But press on, soldiers. November will come again! Not anytime soon, though, weather-wise. Lower and higher 60s with some sun! Apparel translation: the short-sleeved T-shirts of another basketball team. Black and gold will just depress people.

Read these or else

What a week over here at RVANews, where we dreamed a dream that hopes were high and life worth living. During this magic carpet ride of optimism, we produced such gems as Grant Martin’s sad story of Irish immigrants in Richmond, my trip to the VMFA’s new exhibit, which now features my ridiculous attempt at art, and Stephanie Ganz’s Food News, which announced the opening of a brick and mortar shop for Shoryuken Ramen–in the old Cous Cous! Everyone bother Will Richardson right now, and maybe he will open it up for late-night dancing and noodle-slurping! Even better, I officially pledge to make up a new dance called “The Noodle Slurp” the night Richardson decides to adhere to my wishes (which include hiring Chris Ramming as bartender, and maybe, just maybe, making me seven to eight years younger).

Oh, also, if you need a reason to despise women and their womenly ways, including the way they dare to let sound pass through their vocal cords and out of their mouths, read Hayley DeRoche’s commentary on uptalk and vocal fry. First one, then the other…can we just not get it right? We should have our tongues removed and our computers confiscated (although leave our typing fingers on, please. We’ll need these to stir cookie batter.).

Double also: my very favorite annual Richmond Ballet thing is happening this weekend, along with things for people and things for people who take care of smaller people.

Reasons to stay in bed

  • This interview with a “good guy”, who assures me that my grandfather and Bill Clinton have both been responsible for posting photos of unconscious women to the internet. I had to start skimming halfway through, as I had found myself lingering on each word uttered by this unevolved cretin, giving myself one tiny ulcer for every misogynist, blame-casting, immature piece of knowledge he dropped. The crux of his argument? Males of been doing this kind of thing for YEARS! It’s all in good fun. The longevity of a terrible thing does not make it an OK thing. And also is everyone in their early 20s an insane person?
  • Nope! Turns out there are tons of insane people. Add another quilt to your bed’s covers. 

Reasons to get up

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