Good Morning, RVA: You’re not so bad, Monday

Beautiful weather until this evening—take advantage of it!

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 65 °F, and whoa, you guys, whoa! Today’s temperatures could creep into the mid-80s! Later this evening, right around happy hour / rush hour, there’s a small chance for severe storms, strong winds, and even hail. Keep an eye on things as you travel about.

Water cooler

This week’s edition of Street Beat in the Richmond Times-Dispatch has two interesting tidbits: first, they explain what those “END 45 MILE SPEED” signs mean; Second, I had no idea that E. Grace Street between 4th and 9th streets would be converted to a two-way street! This leaves the rest of Grace stretching back toward Belvidere one-way. The city hopes to finish that work by the end of July.

Today begins the 2015 Spring Restaurant Week. This means that if you planned on casually heading over to one of the participating restaurants, you should probably make a reservation first. It also means that Richmonders are about to raise a bunch of cash for FeedMore over the next couple of days.

Richmond School Board meets tonight, and you can find the agenda here. Meanwhile, City Council will work through budget amendments in preparation for next week’s formal meeting. Only a couple of meetings left before they must take a final vote on the 2016 & 2017 FY budget.

Richmond police are reporting a fatal drive-by shooting on the 600 block of E. Brookland Park Boulevard. WTVR has more disturbing details if you can stomach them.


Randolph-Macon men’s basketball head coach Nathan Davis, who won a ton of games for the Yellow Jackets, resigned to take the job at Bucknell.

  • Caps beat the Islanders on Friday but lost to them yesterday. They trail 1-2 in the series (which continues tomorrow).
  • Nats took the series against the Phillies, 4-1.
  • Kickers beat the Charlotte Independence 3-0, with George Davis IV picking up his first career hat trick.
  • Squirrels were swept by Reading, look to do better against Bowie in a two-game series which starts tonight.

What to expect

Setting expectations is important:

  • Shannon Nemer sets out your April reading list, which, honestly, contains some pretty intense books.
  • Lyndsey Raynor updates us on Virginia’s new and improved sex trafficking laws.
  • I’ll let you know about a chance to hang with the chief of police.

This morning’s longread

Eastern carpenter bee

Males spend many hours guarding their territory against other males, hovering about the nests for hours on sunny days. They sometimes attempt to mate with other insects or small birds.

We’re talking about bees here, right? Seriously though, this is the best Wikipedia entry I’ve read in a while; nature is fascinating!

This morning’s Instagram

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