Good morning RVA: You’re gonna love today

Today’s weather looks beautiful, City Council asks for help with the Shockoe stadium proposal, and it’s time to update your iPhones.

Good morning, RVA! How nice was yesterday afternoon? Look for more of the same today: right now it’s 51.8 °F with today’s highs in the mid-70s! No only that, but those highs hit right around 5:00 PM. Expect a super pleasant ride home, especially if your vehicle is of the two-wheel variety. Also expect some of the city’s watering holes to begrudgingly open up their outside seating.

Today has the chance to be the warmest day since…December 22nd. #weather

Currently, the roads are clear and yours for the taking.

Water cooler

The GRTC bust depot, site of the incredible RVA Street Art Festival has been shuttered since a security guard was attacked this past November. Yesterday, Councilman Jon Baliles confirmed that the site will reopen! Expect details soon.

City Council postponed the vote on changing their meeting schedule from once-a-month to twice-a-month. They did, however, vote 7-2 on a late-addition resolution to ask the mayor to spend $50,000 on an independent consultant to evaluate the mayor’s Shockoe stadium proposal.

Skrillex will play Brown’s Island on Monday, June 9th as part of THE MOTHERSHIP TOUR 2014. If dubstep and doomwubs are your thing, this is your chance to experience it all in person.

There’s a mostly supportive Q&A with the Flying Squirrels’ CEO about the mayor’s Shockoe stadium proposal in the RTD today. When asked what he thought about a new ballpark back in 2009, Chuck Domino said, “We certainly thought we’d be either in a ballpark by now, or watching construction of a ballpark by now.”

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 still remains missing.

Apple released iOS 7.1 yesterday; time to upgrade your iDevices!

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