Good Morning, RVA: What’s in store for your weekend?

The last of this week’s news before your life is filled with food and beer festivals.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 63 °F, and it is Friday. It figures to be a cloudy Friday with a small and persistent chance of rain, but a Friday nonetheless.

We are 71.7% through 2014.

Water cooler

The Amazing Raise wrapped up yesterday evening after raising $1.74 million for area non-profits through over 20,000 donations. While they missed this year’s goal of $2 million, they still crushed last year’s total by almost $250,000.

A city council committee voted against the Mayor’s proposed 1¢ property tax cut. While I want to ding the Mayor for reducing city revenue when our schools need $35 million of critical safety improvements, it’s only fair to note that the roll back is kind of required by state law. Kind of: if property assessments rise, the tax must be reduced OR the City must hold a “public hearing and a vote to keep the rate the same.”

Speaking of the Mayor, from today’s anonymous editorial in the RTD: “The first rule of Dwight Club is: You do not talk about Dwight Club.” That link is worth a click for the accompanying picture alone.

In some meta news, we’ve changed our comment policy at RVANews. We’ll be rolling it out in the next couple of days.

Scots voted “No” on independence and will remain part of the United Kingdom. Living in America, where Independence from the UK is kind of our thing, it’s definitely strange to see pictures of people celebrating the results.


  • Kickers face the Harrisburg City Islanders on Saturday in the USL Pro semifinals. Doors open at 5:30 PM and tickets can be had for as little as $5. Stand up for Richmond!
  • Hokies try to recover against the always-dangerous Georgia Tech at 12:00 PM on ESPN.
  • Wahoos look to continue their winning ways against #21 BYU and Heisman contender Taysom Hill at 3:30 PM on ESPN.
  • Nats mar the Marlins, 6-2, continue tonight at 7:10 PM.

This morning’s longread

5 Things I Learned as the Internet’s Most Hated Person

I put off reading this because of, but, man, this is the most insane article I’ve read in a while.

Just to reiterate — I was not terribly famous before all this. This post from my ex wasn’t like the world finding out the president participated in a Hollywood orgy and wound up giving the nuclear launch codes to Gary Busey due to an accidental pants switch. These people had never heard of me before. But they became obsessed with the tale, and in order to get more people involved they embellished the story into a bizarre wide-ranging conspiracy in which I use sex to control the entire gaming industry behind the scenes.

This morning’s Instagram

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