Good Morning, RVA: What day is it even??

The weekend’s pretty soon though, right?

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 30 °F, and all’s well. Highs today may just break into the 50s–it’s the start to a warm, clear patch of weather that continues straight on through tomorrow and the weekend. Thumbs up, weather. Thumbs up.

Most schools in the region are opening two hours late, but other than that you’re free to move about the city.

Water cooler

Ned Oliver and Katy Burnell Evans continue to dig into The Mayor’s Church Situation. Seems like every week brings new information that’s slightly more worrisome than the last, and now folks involved are refusing to pick up the phone when the paper calls.

Here’s another troubling story in the RTD: The Salvation Army on Grace Street will stop serving meals to those in need on February 27th. After the Conrad Center on Oliver Hill Way closed in 2013 (and has since been scooped up by VCU for “services such as business incubation, workforce development, or other programming benefiting community members” (PDF)), the Salvation Army started providing breakfast on weekdays and dinner nightly. Now both are out of commission and a gap (or community opportunity!) exists for this type of service.

Susan Howson continued her new favorite tradition of sitting down with Secretary of Education Anne Holton at one of the Lamplighters to talk education in Virginia. They even chat about the lottery for a quick second–turns out there are better ways to fund education in the commonwealth.

Media General, which once owned the RTD, has been bought by Nexstar Broadcasting Group, Inc. Their headquarters is not in Richmond. Style Weekly has the details.

Circuit City returns! Kind of!

“You want our trust??? We want VA Tech!!!” That’s what the graffiti reads in Flint, Michigan! My Hokie heart is filled with pride reading about what Virginia Tech professor Marc Edwards is doing to help the people of Flint with their poisonous water. In fact, just yesterday Michigan Governor Rick Snyder appointed him to the “Flint Water Interagency Coordinating Committee.”

Republican debate tonight–minus Donald Trump. 9:00 PM on FOX News.


  • Spiders head up the road to take on George Washington tonight at 9:00 PM on ESPNU.
  • Hokies fell to #16 Louisville, moving to .500 in conference play.

This morning’s longread

How A Dead Millionaire Convinced Dozens Of Women To Have As Many Babies As Possible

Millar probably thought he was being clever; after all, childless people aren’t often responsible for baby booms. He may have even been making a wry statement in support of birth control — he was known to think that using contraception shouldn’t be the taboo it was. But he probably wasn’t thinking about what would happen to the losers and all the new mouths they would have to feed, and he certainly wasn’t thinking about the Great Depression, which would soon envelop Canada and the rest of the world. That historical coincidence drove an ever-larger and ever-more-desperate group of women to try to win Millar’s fortune. Soon the local papers, led by the Toronto Daily Star and The Evening Telegram, anointed it the Stork Derby.

This morning’s Instagram

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