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Good morning, RVA! It’s 45 °F, and there’s still snow on the ground. However, yesterday’s unseasonably warm weather put a major dent in what accumulation remains, and I saw with my own eyes several snow plows–so they do exist. I think in the next day or so we’ll be back to regular life!

Of course, schools are still closed—but trash pickup returns!

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Ned Oliver points me towards a report from the City Auditor’s office analyzing a survey about the City’s “Service Efforts and Accomplishments.” The survey (which was done almost two years ago in May of 2014) and accompanying analysis do not say the best things about Richmond. From the opening page: “Community Survey results were not favorable for the most part.” Yikes. I haven’t had a chance to dig into the entirety of the 77-page report (PDF), but I imagine this stat from page 9 will be what everyone is talking about: Only 34% of folks surveyed think that Richmond is headed in the right direction. Keep in mind that the report exists to compare data from 2012 to data from 2014. If we want to talk about the change in citizen satisfaction over time, we need to be aware that this data is already two years old!

Speaking of bleh, remember the 2014 CAFR? The ol’ Comprehensive Annual Financial Report of 2014 that the City was a year late in turning in to the state? Well, Style Weekly reports that the 2015 CAFR, due at the end of November, is still incomplete. Think about it this way though: If they get it turned in by May that’s a 50% improvement over last year!

One member of that crazy terrorist militia organization in Oregon was shot and killed, five folks (including leader Ammon Bundy) were arrested. Their occupation of federal property continues.

The New York Times has a nice explainer about Zika virus.


  • #11 Wahoos needed a buzzer beater to sneak by Wake Forest, 72-71.
  • Hokies host #16 Louisville tonight at 8:00 PM.

This morning’s longread

No food is healthy. Not even kale.


I submit to you that our beloved kale salads are not “healthy.” And we are confusing ourselves by believing that they are. They are not healthy; they are nutritious. They may be delicious when prepared well, and the kale itself, while in the ground, may have been a healthy crop. But the kale on your plate is not healthy, and to describe it as such obscures what is most important about that kale salad: that it’s packed with nutrients your body needs. But this is not strictly about nomenclature. If all you ate was kale, you would become sick.

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