Good Morning, RVA: Weekend perfection

I’ve done everything in my power to line up the most perfect weekend for you–don’t blow it.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 62 °F. As today wears on, temperatures will warm to the mid 70s, the chance of rain will decrease to nothing, and the clouds will dissipate–freeing the sun from its atmospheric prison. All of these things should coincide perfectly for a brilliant patio-based happy hour.

This weekend: whoadang. Honestly, whoadang doesn’t even begin to cover this weekend’s potential for perfect weather. We’re running out of days like this, so don’t spend them playing Final Fantasy VI on your iPad (or totally do, I won’t judge).

Water cooler

The battle for the new Stone Brewing Co. brewery continues, now with 100% more Governor McAuliffe. He’s even had a keggerator installed in the governor’s mansion! I realize we’re just talking beer here, but I love the finality of this quote from the governor: “Ohio. We’re gonna beat ’em.”

The State Fair begins this weekend, and has a helpful(?) list of suggested beers to go with some of the Fair’s fare. I’m not sure I’d recommend pairing any beer with “frozen bananas dipped in chocolate and rolled in Reese’s pieces,” but, hey, America.

A uniform store that’s operated out of 402 E. Grace Street for five decades will relocate to the West End. Color me super interested in what eventually fills this space; I think a national retailer (like, say, Urban Outfitters) would dramatically change that part of town’s vibe–especially on the weekends.

Malls: what’s the deal?

This brief from the CDC projecting the number of future Ebola cases is absolutely terrifying. Here’s a sentence: “Without additional interventions or changes in community behavior, CDC estimates that by January 20, 2015, there will be a total of approximately 550,000 Ebola cases in Liberia and Sierra Leone or 1.4 million if corrections for underreporting are made.”

Are you looking to stuff the avian cavity that is your weekend calendar? Look no further than these various stuffings: 5 Things, 5 Things for Families, September festivals, and, of course, our stalwart events calendar.


  • Nats split the double header with the Mets yesterday. They begin their final regular-season series today at 1:05 PM against the Marlins.
  • Washington whipped by the Giants last night, 45-14.
  • Hokies look to salvage their season against Western Michigan at 12:30 PM on either ESPN3 or a local station.
  • Wahoos face the 0-3 Kent State Golden Flashes at 3:30 PM on ESPN3.

This morning’s longread

Failure to Communicate

Style Weekly with another crushing piece on Richmond Public Schools, this on the challenges faced by Latino students and parents.

The way things went at Huguenot in 2013, a Latino student could be singled out, placed in a cafeteria and searched. Principal Jafar Barakat ordered such a search in May, telling Style Weekly last year that he feared more violence following a fight the previous day between a Latino and black student.

Students say they were told that the alternative — calling in the police — could lead to immigration issues. Students took that as a threat. It was a step too far. With the help of King and Carolina Velez-Rendon at the Wayside Center for Popular Education, students began organizing to protest longstanding mistreatment.

And, I think this is important, the new superintendent’s response:

Superintendent Bedden says he’s ready to begin tackling these issues. While Boyd bristles at being asked whether the rapid growth of Richmond’s Latino population caught the district by surprise, Bedden acknowledges that the situation isn’t ideal.

“We’re struggling with the evolution of our student population,” Bedden says. “There clearly has to be an investment of resources. The same standard of treatment should be given to all our students. How we treat a community shouldn’t be based on their ZIP code.”

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