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It’s a wonderful day for many reasons!

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 51 °F, today is St. Patrick’s Day, and our epic weather continues! Highs in the mid-70s return to put a smile in your Irish eyes, and you should totally sit on whatever patio or porch is necessary for you to take full advantage of this wonderful day.

Water cooler

The RTD’s Katy Burnell Evans has more on the embarrassing situation at the City’s finance department. Keep your eye on this because, at this point, the Mayor and Council don’t really even have enough financial information to put together parts of the City’s budget–work on which is ongoing.

Yesterday afternoon, Richmond police reported the year’s fourth homicide and second since last week.

Matthew E. White and gang did their soulful thing on Letterman last night, which you can watch here. I’d call it a success as no one fell down or threw up!

The March Madness begins tomorrow. If you’re unaware, which I guess is theoretically possible, Vox has a good beginner’s guide that will help you participate in conversations with the rest of the nation.

As I mentioned at the top, today is St. Patrick’s Day. If you work in a place of barbarism that allows coworkers to pinch each other based on the color (or lack thereof) of their clothing, I am sorry. We’ve got green and white RVA shirts on sale, which doesn’t help you today, but could next year. Although, maybe you should just look for another job?


The NIT will experiment with a 30-second shot clock this year, instead of the 35-second clock that’s been in place since 1993. The idea is to speed up some of the slow-down teams (like Wisconsin and UVA) and increase scoring. Check it out at the Robins Center tomorrow when Richmond takes on St. Francis.

  • Caps rattled the Sabers, 4-3.

This morning’s longread

Spacebomb Records Is Bringing Back the Soul of Motown

When I asked if he would rather be remembered for his records or for Spacebomb, he didn’t really have an answer. He talked around the question for a while, before settling into the more comfortable territory of humility. He explained that he’s thankful for the opportunity to make music, whether it’s as a songwriter or a producer. And he knows that one or both of those opportunities will, in the course of time, disappear.

OK, OK, I’m done bursting with pride for Matthew E. White and the folks at Spacebomb. They’re all doing an excellent job at exporting Richmond to the rest of the world. Thanks you guys!

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