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Lots of sports this weekend, I hope everyone survived.

Good morning, RVA! It’s 52 °F, and your forecast today includes highs in the upper 60s, a possibility of showers later this evening, and a zero percent chance of bicycle races!

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Hey, did you hear there was a massive three-day bicycle race in Richmond this weekend? It’s true! And, as far as I know, we all survived! VCU cyclist Chris Jones did one better than survive and won Friday’s individual time trial. Here’s the weekend’s official results and here are some great photos of spandexy guys and gals.

Police have arrested a juvenile male in connection with this past Thursday’s murder of an eight-year-old boy.

You can read this article on ESPN about Denny Hamlin winning at Talledega if you want. I tried, but NASCAR remains as mysterious as it is wonderful. Apparently he won some points, which seems like a positive outcome. Good job, guy!

California Chrome won the 140th Kentucky Derby. This also seems like a positive outcome. Good job, horse and guy!

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Feel free to skip all of the Mac-related stuff in this wonderful 2009 article by John Siracusa. The bits about what it’s like to be a kid driven by the need for correctness are fascinating.

Drawing what you actually see–that is, drawing the plastic bull that’s in front of you rather than the simplified, idealized image of a bull that’s in your head–is something that does not come naturally to most people, let alone children. At its root, my gift was not the ability to draw what I saw. Rather, it was the ability to look at what I had drawn thus far and understand what was wrong with it.

Photo by: Nick Davis

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