Good Morning, RVA: Wake up!

Despite an almost bone-deep desire to stay in bed, you must arise.

Photo by: Jonas Tana

Good morning, RVA! It’s 47 °F, and we weathered some serious thunderstorms last night in my neck of the woods. There’s still a chance of rain (and thunderstorms) the rest of the morning, but the miracle of radar tells me that you shouldn’t worry too much. Don’t wear any clothing made from tissue paper today, just in case.

Water cooler

VCU introduced Will Wade as their new men’s basketball head coach yesterday. Standard press conference stuff–other than the fact that it was attended by 1,200 fans and The Peppas. Coach Wade got into the specific of his system, which he’s clearly excited about, and set VCU fans decked out in HAVOC! gear at ease by saying: “HAVOC! still lives here!”

Nobody eat the hummus! The hummus has gone bad! The Sabra Dipping Company (located in Richmond, y’all!) has issued a recall on 30,000 cases of classic hummus due to possible Listeria contamination.

I enjoyed this short, fish-related snapshot of Richmond as told by CBS6’s Mark Holmberg.

Apple released a new version of iOS and OS X yesterday. The former introduces new, racially diverse emojis. Spend some time on tumblr reading through folks excitedly blogging about emojis that look like them. And then, if you’re like me, feel guilty for never even thinking about it before now.

In news that will delight my six-year-old son, Minecraft developers confirmed that the new version of Minecraft Pocket Edition will drop “soon.” How long must we wait for the ability to craft boats?!


  • Caps beat the Bruins, 3-0, maintaining their grip on second place in the Metropolitain division. They’ll close out the regular season against the first place Rangers this Saturday.
  • Nats managed the Mets, 2-1, and look to finish up the series today at 1:05 PM.
  • Flying Squirrels open their season tonight at 6:35 PM! Have Funn! Go Nutz! Remember that the game concludes with fireworks and no one is shooting missiles at your house!

What to expect

Today, we present to you:

  • 5 things to do without your family. Yeah! That’ll show ’em!
  • Learnings about the progress being made on our future-time Bus Rapid Transit system.
  • A volume of the food news that would burst a pig’s stomach.
  • Big doings on the Civil War front 150 year ago today.
  • Soccer!

This morning’s longread

John Madden hockey: The making of NHL ’94

In order to understand why the stars would align for NHL ’94, it’s important to explore the constellation of ideas, events and personalities that led to its creation. The best place to begin is with Trip Hawkins, who founded Electronic Arts in 1983 with the noble vision of turning computer programmers into rock stars.

I could power a small town with the amount of energy I put into playing NHLs ’92 – ’94.

This morning’s Instagram

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