Good Morning, RVA: Wake up, wake up, wake up!

Today’s the tail end of this week’s gloomy ‘tude. Starting tomorrow things are looking down right springy!

Good morning, RVA! It’s a drizzly 61 °F right now, but things will dry out, and even warm up, in the next couple of hours. Today marks the end of this week’s gloomy attitude, and the next few days should bring a springy wonderfulness back to Richmond.

Water cooler

Join Dr. Gail E. Christie tonight at The Camel for a discussion on bacteriophages–viruses that kill bacteria. It’s part of Science Pub RVA, which combines science and beers to create something I thought only existed in my dreams.

Turns out #stollingswatch was no joke! Yesterday, the University of Minnesota announced that they will hire VCU’s Marlene Stollings as their next women’s basketball coach. Coach Stollings did some amazing things in her time at VCU and left the program in great shape. Good luck, Coach!

Dash Kitchen + Carry opens for lunch today in the old Cous Cous spot (RIP) and is the latest project from all-everything restauranteurs Jessica and Josh Bufford. The menu is inspired by Toast, one of their other restaurants, but you’ll be able to grab food to go. They call it “fast casual.” I call it a brilliant idea given the trillions of VCU students walking by every single day.

If you haven’t seen them before, The Atlantic has some cool photos of Civil War Richmond after vacating Confederates burnt the place to the ground. Honestly, these might bum you out.

UCONN defeated Kentucky to win their second men’s basketball national championship in four years. College basketball season is officially over–a small minority of you are quietly rejoicing.

This morning’s longread

What I learned about stop-and-frisk from watching my black son

A few first-person accounts of what it can be like living life as a young black man.

Michael Powell, another New York Times columnist, learned from his two 20-something sons that they had never been stopped by police despite traveling regularly all over New York City, while eight male African-American college students told him they’d cumulatively been stopped a total of 92 times–in encounters that included rough physical treatment.

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