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Good morning, RVA! It’s 41 °F, and with a high of 63 °F, today continues yesterday’s sunny pleasantries. Sunglasses, bright colors, and breezy layers are the order of the day.

Water cooler

CAUTION! Today is April Fool’s Day. Most likely everything you read, see, or hear will be false. I will, however, edeavor to only link you to true facts this morning, but I can’t promise anything.

I’ve avoided talking about Joe Morrissey and whatever gross political shenanigans he’s been up to lately, but today, the RTD has the news that his name will not appear on the ballot for state senator. The required signatures he submitted were declared invalid. In fact: “An additional five pages of signatures Morrissey submitted were not even counted. The review concluded that two pages were duplicates, one page did not have dates next to the signatures, and two other pages were gathered by a felon whose rights have not been restored.” Also mentioned in the article is that Richmond School Board member Derik Jones’s signatures were not accepted. Looks like he’ll be sticking around after all.

There’s $3.2 million budgeted for public art in the Richmond. Style Weekly tells us that the city is looking to hire someone to come up with a master plan (we love plans!) for how to spend all this art-related cash. A giant metal T-Rex right off of I-95 on the north side of the city is still my dream.

Fascinating things are happening in Nigeria. Vox breaks down their historic elections in which a sitting president has lost for the first time ever.


  • Caps bested the Hurricanes, 4-2.

What to expect

Lots of looking back and looking forward today on RVANews:

  • We look back at the surprising, even for Richmond, number of new restaurants that popped up in March.
  • Puppy mills are sad, hopefully now we’ll have fewer of them.
  • Valerie Catrow tells us what to do with our families in this wonderfully springy weather we’re having.
  • April is officially the start of festival season. Buckle up.

This morning’s longread

I’m a dad. So why do people call me ‘Mrs.’?

Why do schools and so many aspects of child care – from baby-product commercials to changing stations in public restrooms – focus on moms and exclude dads, gay or not? When coordinating school parties and carpools, moms at our kids’ school often assume that everyone on the list is a woman, opening the e-mail chain with “Dear Ladies.” When we travel with our kids on a trip, strangers frequently ask if we gave their moms a weekend off. Even as women have rapidly moved out of the home and into the workplace, even as our society has increasingly accepted diverse family structures (including two-dad families), and even as more dads are staying home with their children, the perception of mom as sole caregiver has persisted.

I have many conflicting thoughts about this article. It’s true what he says: the dumb dad stereotype is super annoying. But men shouldn’t need to be motivated by the promise of more sex to help out around the house! You live in the dang house!

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