Good Morning, RVA: Totes dreary

Bleh and meh today, but tomorrow, hooray!

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 71 °F, dreary, and there’s a great chance for that dreariness to continue drearily for the next 12 hours, too. Pull out your umbrella, rain coat, galoshes–whatever you’ve got–because today’s a wet (and dreary) one. Survive today, though, and the rest of the week looks quite charming.

Water cooler

Henrico and Hanover County Public Schools are considering closing up shop during some of the Big Bike Race™ due to crowds, traffic, and road closures. This seems like a drastic move to me unless they’re trying to give kids some extra time to tailgate and watch the race. Remember: there will not suddenly be 450,000 new humans in Richmond. Spectators != unique humans.

Our intrepid reporter Trevor Dickerson spent this past Saturday morning down at the future site of Stone Brewing Co. taking pictures and drinking Stout. Each of the circular structures you see in the previous link is a socket for a massive fermentation tank! This brewery will make lots of beer. Like, a whole friggin’ lot of beer.

TEDxRVA has been slowly releasing all of the videos from this past April’s event (including the one of our total fave Secretary of Education), and just dropped this one of GWAR’s Michael Bishop. As with anything GWAR-related, it has picked up national attention.

Yesterday, Google announced that they’re going restructure into a new company called Alphabet, which has a great URL: The new company will contain Google the search engine but also all of their crazy futurism projects like self-driving cars and glucose-sensing contacts. There are probably many business lawyers that are much more excited about the details of this announcement than I am.


  • With last night’s 3-11 loss against Bowie, the Squirrels have now lost four of the last five. Rematch against Bowie tonight at 7:05 PM.
  • Nats picked up an 8-3 win against the Dodgers last night. They’ll look to keep the momentum going tonight at 10:10 PM.

This morning’s longread

The real reason American public transportation is such a disaster

Read this while thinking about our impending BRT.

Although history and geography are partly to blame, there’s a deeper reason why American public transportation is so terrible. European, Asian, and Canadian cities treat it as a vital public utility. Most American policymakers — and voters — see transit as a social welfare program.

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