Good Morning, RVA: The heat continues

Good work surviving yesterday’s inferno. Now make it through today.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 77 °F, and yesterday’s rain plus today’s cloud cover will help keep temperatures a bit more sane. Expect highs in the low-90s and maybe a chance of thunderstorms this afternoon.

Water cooler

VCU has hired a new CEO of the VCU Health System, Dr. Marsha D. Rappley. She’s been doing work out at Michigan State University for the last decade. Welcome to Richmond Dr. Rappley, make sure you go to Edo’s!

Brandon Fox over at Style Weekly has the sad news that Estilo, recipient of a zillion local accolades, will close and close for good. The Buffords, who also own nearby Toast, say something else for the space is in the works or will be in the works shortly.

Also from Style, this article about the James River Batteau Festival makes me want to instantly join a batteau…team? Crew? I dunno, but spending the week living on the river like Huck Finn sounds amazing.

Here’s an offensive and generic Father’s Day article from the Associated Press in the RTD, from which I will now quote: “Guys generally are not complex creatures. And they don’t tend to ask for much. The occasional electronic gizmo (which they’d rather pick out for themselves anyway, thank you very much). Maybe tickets to a sports game. Perhaps somebody else to mow the lawn for once. Heck, even just a night off to play poker with his buddies.” Fathers are also exclusively from 1950s TV shows, apparently. Keep reading for a Dagwood Bumstead joke–probably the first since 1950!


  • Squirrels beat Harrisburg, 1-0, look for another win today at 12:00 PM.
  • Kickers host the Columbus Crew SC tonight as part of the U.S. Open Cup at 7:00 PM. Get your tickets!
  • Nats beat the the Rays, 16-4. Whoa. They return home today to face the very same Rays at 7:05 PM.
  • Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors beat Lebron James and the Cavaliers to take home the first franchise championship in 40 years.
  • USA beat Nigeria 1-0 in the Women’s World Cup. They will advance out of the group stage into the elimination stage.

What to expect

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This morning’s longread

Vi Hart Weekly, June 12

This post from the internet’s resident mathematician covers one thousand different topics, each fascinating and thought provoking. I can’t stop thinking about this bit about why Rachel Dolezal continues to dominate the news.

Many people are asking the question of whether one can be transracial or not. Whenever you find some “this or that?” question exploding in the media, the first question to ask yourself is not “this or that”, but:

  1. Out of infinite possible questions, why this and why now?
  2. In what context does the question make any sense?

There is much more information in the questions we choose to ask than in their answers. Questions don’t come out of nowhere, and treating the question itself as an independent purely-logical object misses the entire meaning of it. The reason for this question’s existence, the entire context on which it depends, is transgenderism. Without appropriating that context, the question would make very little sense as posed, and certainly “transracial” would not be trending social media. Maybe Dolezal herself would be trending, but the questions, the media story, would be a very different one.

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